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Apply for Free to GCSU March 1 - 31, 2023!

We're celebrating spring all month by waiving our application fee for fall 2023 transfer and freshman transfer applicants March 1 through March 31. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity and apply for free to Georgia College & State University.

Not sure how to use a fee waiver? Follow these steps:

  1. Complete the GA Futures application and submit.
  2. Select the fee waiver option found below the payment screen.

We are accepting Fall 2023 transfer applications.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. However, students are not guaranteed review after the posted application deadline. In reviewing applications, the GC Office of Admissions uses a holistic admissions process. This process not only exams the students’ academic record but also takes into consideration the competencies and experiences (full spectrum) of an applicant. Therefore meeting the minimum admission requirement does not guarantee acceptance. We suggest requesting transcripts via e-script. 

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Application Due Dates:

Fall Semester Due July 1

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Spring Semester Due Nov. 1

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Maymester Due April 1

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Summer Semester Due May 1

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Transfer Admissions Requirements

Applications are reviewed once a file becomes complete which means all required documentation has been received by the Georgia College Admissions Office. Admission files should be complete by the indicated priority deadlines.

1. Undergraduate Application

The Undergraduate application is used to apply as a transfer student. Please submit ONLY ONE application and use ONLY that application all the way through to submission. Submitting more than one application will most certainly delay your admission decision.



Note: If a student has 30 or more transferable credits, official test scores and personal essay are not required.  

2. Application Fee/Fee Waiver

Application Fee: The $35 (non-refundable) online application fee is payable at the time of application for transfer applicants. The paper application fee is $40. If you submitted your application without paying the fee, you may do so through our payment portal

Fee Waiver:

Transfer application processing fee is NOT required of:

  • Applicants aged 62 and above
  • Applicants who applied and/or enrolled and paid the application fee within the past six years

If you are exempt from paying the application fee, please select “Fee Waiver” option on your application to secure this waiver.

3. Transcript

Transcripts must be sent directly from each and every college attended (including technical institutions) to the GC Office of the Admissions.

Official formats for receiving transcriptsParchmentNational Student ClearinghouseMail

Faxed documents and copies provided by the student are NOT considered official and will not be used for admission purposes. Courses from one institution that are listed on another college transcript will not substitute for an official transcript. Prior educational experience may not be omitted from an application package.

4. Performance Requirements
  • Have earned 30 or more transferable semester credit hours (45 transferable quarter hours) from a regionally accredited college/university. If student earned less than required transferable credits, visit our Freshman Transfer page.
  • Have a minimum cumulative 2.5 grade point average or higher in college level courses (Excluding learning support, developmental and remedial courses)
  • Have a minimum cumulative 2.75 grade point average or higher to be considered for admission to the Generic Nursing program
  • Be in good academic standing and eligible to re-enroll with their last institution.
  • Submit original international transcripts for courses taken in other countries. (if applicable) 

Transfer Decision Process

1: Admit-Articulation Pending

Acceptance is pending confirmation (INTRO) and the entry of all college coursework you have submitted.

Notification: You will receive an official acceptance packet which will include your GCID and Bobcats email address.

* Class registration is available at this admissions stage after INTRO is received.

** Decision can be rescinded if your cumulative GPA falls below the required minimum.

2: Admit Conditional

The coursework you’ve submitted has been articulated, but acceptance is conditional on you submitting your FINAL transcript after your final semester/quarter grades at your current institution have been entered. Please send an official, updated transcript to the Office of Admissions once your final grades have been posted.

If the transcript you submitted is the final transcript that shows your final grades, then you move directly to Admit Final after the transcript has been articulated.

*You CANNOT be enrolled at two institutions for the same term. Make sure your final transcript doesn't show any courses in progress at your current institution for the same term you are applying to Georgia College. If “in progress” courses are on your final transcript, please drop the courses and re-send an updated transcript.

Notification: An official letter will be sent to your mailing address alerting you of the status change.

* Class registration is available at this admissions stage. Contact the Registrar’s Office for transfer registration start dates at 478-445-6286.

** Decision can be rescinded if your cumulative GPA falls below the required minimum. 

3: Admit Final

The coursework you’ve submitted has been reviewed and you have been fully admitted.

Notification: An official e-mail will be sent to your personal e-mail address alerting you of the status change.

* Class registration is available at this admissions stage. Contact the Registrar’s Office for transfer registration start dates at 478-445-6286. 

App Status Check

You can track your missing and received application materials by visiting our application status check page.

Find Your Counselor

If you have questions about the admissions process, please feel free to contact your admissions counselor.

Accepted Transfer Students

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