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2010 Fall Semester


Public Achievement began its second full year at Georgia College during the Fall 2010 Semester. Eleven students participated in the class that included readings from Paul Rogat Loeb’s Soul of a Citizen as well as material authored by Harry Boyte, Peter Levine, and John Gastis among others. The course was designed to help students become more familiar with Milledgeville, Georgia and understand Public Achievement’s core concepts and public skills. As well, the class functioned as a PA group with the responsibility to identify an issue and its related problems and develop a project. After a series of community immersion tours and field trips and a significant amount of research, the students identified the school drop-out rate as a pressing issue and pre-high school age students leaving school as the specific problem. The PA group determined that by creating a comprehensive mentoring brochure with contact information for a number of educational mentoring programs and disseminating the brochure on the campus and in the community, the group would raise awareness about the value of mentoring and motivate more adults to mentor children in the community. The class presented their project to representative of local mentoring programs and a newly elected school board member and gained the commitment of their audience to help distribute the brochure.

Mentoring Minds, Changing Lives: Be Someone’s Hero! Brochure (pdf)

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