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Ten Basic Steps

1. Choose a coordinator to organize and administer the program and promote the series.

2. Determine a schedule, place, and time. A central place on campus is helpful.

3. At the beginning of each semester, recruit faculty members and students to facilitate discussions. Prospective facilitators may be drawn from small groups of students from specific courses or student organizations. Facilitators choose a topic and one or more articles and send the information to the Times Talk coordinator.

4. Promote and disseminate the week's topic several days before the scheduled Times Talk. Use E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and other university communication outlets. Include a url link to the article.

5. Create a place Times Talk signs, posters, and banners around campus. Use the newsstands as places to advertise each session.Times Talk Sign 2

6. Free food helps! Arrange for food and drink to nourish participants. Speak to your New York Times Education Representative.

7. Provide copies of the article for those who might not have had a chance to read in advance.

8. Have a student, staff, or faculty members welcome the participants and announce the day's topic.

9. Launch the discussion. If necessary, assist the facilitator in drawing as many people as possible into the conversation with a particular focus on student contributions.

10. End promptly. Thank the facilitator and participants and  announce the next session's facilitator.



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