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Food Recovery PSA

Cafe Central Awareness Team

The Food Recovery PSA Video group was concerned about homeless people in their community, how the homeless live, what they are lacking, and how they could be helped. Group members realized that many restaurants in the area throw away food that could be feeding an enormous amount of people.

The group wrote a mission statement:

"We the Cafe Central Awareness Team of Oak Hill Middle School refuse to ignore the countless number of individuals that go hungry every day in our community. We aim to bring this problem to the attention of restaurant owners, grocery stores, and community members to aid in the relief of hunger. We will feed the hungry through Caf Central and use technology to alert the community of the progress it is making."

The group decided to make an informative commercial about the Caf Central soup kitchen in Milledgeville, Georgia. In order to accomplish this goal, the group joined another PA group in interviewing the pastor and Caf Central manager and subsequently created a story board, rehearsed, and filmed a public service announcement that the group posted on YouTube.


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