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FAME stands for Family Always Matters Everywhere. This PA group determined that it was most concerned about local poverty and unemployment. After doing research in the computer lab, the students were appalled at how high the percentage of people living below the poverty line as well as the high rate of unemployment in the county. The students determined specific problems associated with these issues. The group came to the conclusion that a large number of people in Milledgeville either go hungry every day or struggle to provide a meal for themselves and their families. The students also noted that while there is a local hunger problem, food from households, restaurants, and businesses was being wasted and thrown away each day. The students read a newspaper article about Caf Central, a church soup kitchen. The students decided to make a commercial for Caf Central to inform the public and request support. The group interviewed the church's minister and soup kitchen coordinator. The filming of their commercial was a great success! The coaches posted clip on YouTube and sent the link to local food establishments.


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