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Kettering Foundation

kettering logoThe Charles F. Kettering Foundation, Dayton, Ohio recently announced institutional participants for a research project entitled "Organizing New Centers to Promote Public Life". The Georgia College American Democracy Project and several community and university organizations around the country will work with the Kettering Foundation and the National Issues Forum over an eighteen month period commencing March 2011. The project focuses on the challenge of engaging citizens to deliberate public issues. Additionally, the project aims to create a network of institutions committed to joint learning and conducting public deliberation workshops among citizens in communities represented by the participating institutions.

Dr. Jan Clark, Associate Professor of Rhetoric in the Department of English and Rhetoric, and Gregg Kaufman, Instructor and ADP Coordinator, Department of Government & Sociology will represent Georgia College.  

The Kettering Foundation will work with organizations in a cycle of joint learning that will include: participation in research exchanges (workshops) at the foundation, education related to the public politics that the National Issues Forum demonstrates, reflection on practice with others involved in similar work, suggestions about the development of an organization that fosters NIF, and a connection to research relationships with the foundation.                                                                                                    NIF logo

The Kettering Foundation is an independent, nonpartisan research organization rooted in the American tradition of cooperative research. Kettering’s research relates to one central question: what does it take for democracy to work as it should? Or put another way: What does it take for citizens to shape their collective future?

The Kettering Foundation is located in Dayton, Ohio and has an office in Washington, D.C.


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