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Public Achievement eGuide
Table of Contents

Introduction and Acknowledgments
Student Learning Outcomes
YES Community Partner
PA Theory and Models 
The Language of Democracy
The Practice of PA  
Core Concepts
Public Skills

Classroom Climate

Classroom Management

Lesson Planning

Coaching Principles


Coaching Effectiveness

Project Development I

Project Development II

Taking Action

Success and Failure





Public Achievement eGuide

Public Achievement  GCSU

The Georgia College Public Achievement eGuide represents a compilation of student reflection and critical assessment from the first year of the Public Achievement program. Professors Jan Clark and Gregg Kaufman incorporated PA  into two Public Achievement courses over consecutive semesters. Thirty-nine students enrolled, eleven of whom took both courses and worked with their middle school PA groups for the entire academic year.

Public Achievement Group Projects 2009-2010

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Public Achievement I and II (formerly Grassroots Community Organizing) will be taught in 2011-2012. The Fall Semester course will focus on familiarizing students with the socio-economic conditions of Baldwin County, introducing Public Achievement as a civic pedagogy, and exploring effective methods for public deliberation. During the Spring Semester, students will coach 5th grade students in the Blandy Hills Elementary School YES program by using Public Achievement.

For more information:
Jan Clark
Gregg Kaufman

 OHMS PA last day for web

 Spring Semester 2010 Public Achievement Coaches and Faculty


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