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Public Achievement Changers
The Public Achievement Changers investigated hunger and homelessness in Haiti and Chile caused by the earthquakes in early 2010.   The students realized the need for financial support for the people of Haiti and Chile and felt driven to make a difference. The group joined another PA group, the Earthquakers, in raising funds to support relief efforts. In April, both groups held a car wash and bake sale during an afterschool pep rally. Together, students brought in donations of baked goods, car wash supplies and helping hands to create a fully successful project day.  Through the collaborative efforts of both groups, approximately one hundred dollars was raised to send to Haiti and Chile via the Red Cross.  Participating in this project allowed the students to understand what it means to see the world as one greater community.  They also realized, no matter how old or young, anyone can make a difference, both in their local community and in the larger community of humanity.

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