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So Fresh and Clean

So Fresh and So Clean
The So Fresh and So Clean group determined to clean up trash around and beautify the Oak Hill Middle School campus. The students came up with the issue by studying the beautification projects of a man in Philadelphia, who cleaned up his neighborhood and planted flowers, and the nationwide clean-up campaign of the country of Estonia, who gathered thousands of volunteers and cleaned up all of the trash in the country in one day. The students noticed the spreading of positive energy and responsibility from the community as a whole in both instances, and thought that the same type of project would suit our group well. After researching, the students discussed problem areas of the school and mapped out a plan of action for the ensuing days of the project. After mapping, we developed a timeline and an action plan, taking to the grounds of the school in the ensuing weeks. Each group walked around with trash bags and latex gloves, picking up whatever trash they could see in the open, behind bushes, under trailers, on the fields, around the bus lanes, and more. In all, both groups of students worked together to clean up over twenty bags of trash, and various other eyesores. Overall, the group completed its goal of trash clean up, and hopefully the students will catch the fire of citizenship and do the same work in their home communities.


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