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The Earthquakers
The Earthquakers decided to respond to the Haiti earthquake and during their planning, another earthquake struck Chile. The students decided that it would be best to split the funds between Yele Haiti and the Red Cross, because of the Red Cross's involvement in Chilean relief. After researching websites that provided creative fundraising ideas, they decided that it would be best to host a car wash. Some of the girls in our group were really interested in cooking, so we decided to hold a bake sale alongside the car wash to raise even more funds. When we found out that another Public Achievement group was raising money for earthquake relief, we combined our groups and decided to work on our fundraiser together. We chose to hold the event on April 15, since that was the day that Oak Hill Middle School was having their CRCT pep rally, and we knew there would be a plentiful crowd. At the end of the day, we had raised a little over $100. The PA students were enthusiastic about helping another country and the excitement and pride on their faces at the end of the fundraiser was worth the PA effort.


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