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Community Partner - YES

In 2007, a collaborative group of Georgia College personnel, Baldwin School System educators, and local citizens conceived of the Youth Enrichment Services of Baldwin County (YES) program as "a high quality afterschool program fulfilling the needs of the whole child and ensuring that adult family members also have access to programming, thus encouraging parent interest and the ability to support their children's educational attainment." The program provides students with academic support that complements day school efforts, offers quality enrichment activities, and extends educational opportunities and assistance to the families of YES students. The program is federally funded. YES goals include:

1. To provide accelerated academic learning opportunities in an afterschool setting
for students identified as "at risk" of academic failure.
2. To provide enrichment opportunities for students identified as "at risk" of academic failure.
3. To provide families of YES students opportunities for literacy and related educational development.
4. To establish and sustain YES partnerships throughout the grant cycle.

The YES program initially sought to engage 175 students in two schools and currently serves 650 students in five schools. The YES program helps students improve academically, promote to the next grade, and persist to graduation. As well, the enrichment programs, including violin, dance, lifetime sports, and the visual arts enrich students' lives.

Public Achievement represents one of the personal enrichment opportunities that complement the YES academic enrichment goals. The program, instituted during the YES program in January 2009, reflects Georgia social studies and citizenship development standards with particular attention to the goal of providing students with "opportunities to engage in inquiry-oriented projects related to social studies".

The Georgia College Public Achievement program's first full year was conducted through the Grassroots Community Organizing I and II courses cross-listed as Political Science, Rhetoric, and Interdisciplinary Studies. Georgia College students worked with YES Oak Hill Middle School students in 2009-2010 and will provide enrichment for the Blandy Hills Elementary School YES program in 2010-2011.




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