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Young Juicers

Young Juicers
The Young Juicers assumed the responsibility to advocate for healthy standards and food for students. This included providing nutritional snack options in the school diet. The group accepted the challenge to explore a healthy snack option that students would actually eat! The snack needed to comply with the school nutrition guidelines and be tasty at the same time. After researching healthy snack options, the group discovered a company called Juice Alive. The students decided their project would involve introducing a Juice Alive slushy as a healthy snack alternative. The slushy is 100% fruit juice, has natural sweeteners, and counts as one USDA full serving of fruit. The students showcased the product at a school pep rally in April by inviting a company salesperson to distribute samples. The students surveyed those who tasted the product and captured 162 tasters (adults and students). All 162 enjoyed the Juice Alive slushy. The group reported their findings to the school district nutrition specialist with the hope that the product would be included in the school snacks in the future.

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