Student Success Staff

Dr. Carolyn Denard
Associate Provost for Student Success
Director of the Center for Student Success
Phone 478-445-2361

Shea Council
Executive Assistant to the Associate Provost
Center for Student Success
Phone 478-445-8625

Mike Augustine
Senior Director for Advising and Retention
Dual Enrollment Advisor
Phone 478-445-2361

Colandra Boyer
Coordinator of Office Services
Academic Advising Center
Phone 478-445-2361

Christine Amezquita
Academic Advisor I
English, Rhetoric, Modern Languages, Mass Communication (last names beginning A-C)
Phone 478-445-2309

Michelle Beck
Academic Advisor I
Pre-Nursing (last names beginning L-Z)
Phone 478-445-2634

Hope Buchanan
Academic Advisor
Phone 478-445-1628

O'Ryan Carter
Academic Advisor I
Biology, Chemistry
Phone 478-445-6296

Abby Dalton
Academic Advisor I
Exercise Science (All Tracks)
Phone 478-445-1222

David Dingess
Academic Advisor I
Pre-Education, Music
Phone 478-445-6298

Karen Higgs
Academic Advisor III (Lead Advisor - Health Sciences Cluster)
Music Therapy, Outdoor Education
Phone 478-445-2761

Kathy Hill
Academic Advisor III (Lead Advisor - Business Cluster)
Phone 478-445-2310

Laura Howell
Academic Advisor I
Biology, Physics
Phone 478-445-2764

Teddy Ivey
Academic Advisor I
History, Geography, Undeclared
Phone 478-445-2096

Wanda Johnson
Academic Advisor III (Lead Advisor - Science and Math Cluster)
Mathematics, Biology, Environmental Science
Phone 478-445-4826

Debi Lastinger
Academic Advisor I
Computer Science, Economics
Phone 478-445-6294

Kathryn Livingston
Academic Advisor I
Criminal Justice, Political Science, Sociology
Phone 478-445-2763

Liz Lohrmann
Academic Advisor I
Business Undeclared, Marketing
Phone 478-445-2403

Cassie Napier
Academic Advisor I
Accounting, Management Information Systems
Phone 478-445-6428

Janice Pillay
Academic Advisor III (Lead Advisor - Humanities and Education)
Art, Liberal Studies, Music, Music Education, Philosophy, Theatre
Phone 478-445-2767

Nikki Simpson
Academic Advisor III (Lead Advisor - Social and Psychological Sciences Cluster)
Phone 478-445-1635

Mark Skelton
Academic Advisor I
Business Undeclared, Marketing
Phone 478-445-8657

Jessica Tucker
Academic Advisor I
Public Health, Pre-Nursing (last names beginning A-K), RN to BSN
Phone 478-445-4022

Amanda Williams
Academic Advisor I
Mass Communications (last names beginning D-Z)
Phone 478-445-8254