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Museum Studies is an emerging field in Art. Georgia College students will greatly benefit from this concentration by expanding their education on museum and possible future employment opportunities within the museum field. Assistant Professor Carlos M. Herrera directs the Blackbridge Hall Art Gallery and the Museum of Fine Arts.  He developed the curriculum for and teaches the Museum Studies classes. The museum studies program at GC is one of few undergraduate programs offered in the U.S. The students learn and understand the internal operations of a museum organization through the classes that are offered. Introduction to Museums Studies introduces the student to lectures, lab and gallery work, discussions, slide presentations, and field trips to museums, where students learn about the history and functions of museums, their missions, diverse collections, exhibition programming, interaction with its audience and community, and learn the organizational structure within a museum. The focus of this class is on American art museums. Exhibition Design presents the study of museum and gallery design principles and exhibition construction techniques. Critical & Curatorial Theory & Development focuses on curatorial principles, how a curator researches and critically selects artists for exhibitions, develop exhibitions and collections, and work in a museum environment. Museum Administration focuses on museum administration and its organizational structure. This course will survey the roles and relationships of museum departments and operational issues, including security and disaster planning; museum accounting and finance, including budgeting management; leadership, strategic and operational planning; and legal and ethical issues facing museums and galleries.
Fifteen hours with grades of C or better, distributed as follows:
ARTS 2400
Museum Studies I: Introduction to Museum Studies (3 hours)
ARTS 3400
Museum Studies II: Exhibition Design (3 hours)
ARTS 4400
Museum Studies III: Critical and Curatorial Theory & Development (3 hours)
ARTS 4420
Museum Studies IV: Museum Administration (3 hours)
Select one*:
ARTS 4850
Art Criticism (3 hours)
ARTS 4851
Comparative Aesthetics (3 hours)
ARTS 3/4000 - Level
Western Art History (3 hours)
ARTS 3/4000 - Level
Non-Western Art History (3 hours)
* If a student knows of a non-ARTS, 3000/4000 - level course that focuses on relevant issues to the minor, they may petition the Chair of the Department of Art to substitute it for one of the four Art History courses listed above. A maximum of three semester hours may be substituted from any other discipline.
Refer to the on line Course Description Section for courses and course descriptions.
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