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Fine Arts Requirements
General Arts Requirements
       Our painting area includes five levels, ranging from easel painting to collaborative mural painting. Each level is focused on various aspects of painting including: developing visual literacy, technical competency, method and process, color/design concepts, content exploration, collaboration, and cross-disciplinary approaches to painting. Painting I is a beginning level course focused on developing ones technical vocabulary, artistic method, and critical evaluation skills set within a cross-cultural context. In Painting II students continue to develop their artistic and critical thinking skills. Topics presented in this course include approaches to painting the human figure, material exploration and investigation of the expressive potential of painting. Painting III is dedicated to muralism. In this course students learn mural development, design and production within a cross-cultural art context. Students continue to build artistic skills as they work collaboratively on site-specific mural projects within the community. Painting IV is a further investigation of the technical, expressive and conceptual potential of the painting medium. Introduction to oil painting and mixed media are components of the class. Painting V is an independent course for advanced level students.            

ARTS 2100. PAINTING I. (2-6-3)
Prerequisites: ARTS 1200 and 2800 or 2810. Study and practice of aqueous media with emphasis on techniques, concepts, and history. Lab fee. This course is non-repeatable for credit.

ARTS 3100. PAINTING II. (2-6-3)
Prerequisites: ARTS 2100. This course will continue an investigation of aqueous media focusing on technical competence, exploration of media and approaches. Contents of the course will focus on special topics, such as, figure painting. Research and written component scheduled for the course. Lab fee.

ARTS 3110. PAINTING III. (2-6-3)
Prerequisites: ARTS 2100. This course will focus on public mural painting as an art-form. Emphasis of the course will be placed on the conceptualization, preparation, production, and collaboration of public murals with an art historical context. Research and written component scheduled for the class. Lab fee.

ARTS 4110. PAINTING IV. (2-6-3)
Prerequisites: ARTS 3100 and 3110. Exploration of media and approach in a non-traditional manner. Includes writing and research component. Lab fee.

ARTS 4120. PAINTING V. (2-6-3)
Prerequisites: ARTS 4110. Intensive studio experience based upon a student-generated project resulting in the production of a coherent body of work. Includes writing and research component. Lab fee.
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