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Peacock's Feet

The Peacock's Feet is a yearly journal published by Georgia College, and showcases the literary and artistic talents of people from Georgia College and beyond. Our latest publication was the magazine’s 36th edition, and includes some of the finest stories, poems and art the school has to offer. The Peacock’s Feet takes art and literary submissions every year up until December. 

Submission Guidelines

The journal publishes during the spring semester. A reception is held when the journal arrives and is open to the public. To ensure that your work is considered, please adhere to the following guidelines:

On all written works, authors will include their name and email address in the top right-hand corner. Your submission will not be accepted otherwise.

Submissions will be accepted by email only. For written works (fiction, nonfiction, or poetry), submit works to in .doc format. For art submissions, please use
Poetry Submissions:

No more than six poems, all individually labeled with the author’s name and email address in the top right-hand corner. These should be typed, single-spaced in Times New Roman size 12. They should be sent as a Word file compatible with 2003 versions of Microsoft Word.
Prose Submissions:

No more than 20 pages total for up to three submissions (authors are welcome to submit both non-fiction and fiction). Include author information in the top right-hand corner as well as specify in the email whether the pieces are fiction or non-fiction. Works are only accepted as a MS Word file that is compatible with 2003 versions of Word.
Art Submissions:

Digital images any media only Tiff or Jpeg 1800 by 2700 or greater. DPI of 300 is preferred. For information regarding art submissions, email

The Peacock’s Feet is grateful for generous funding and support from Georgia College's Student Government Association (SGA), which makes this publication and its yearly growth possible.


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