Faculty and Staff

Administrative Faculty and Staff

Aran MacKinnon
Department Chair, Professor of History

203 Humber-White House
CBX 47
(478) 445-5211

Areas of Study: South Africa, World History

Amy Mimes
Office Coordinator

209 Humber-White House
CBX 47
(478) 445-5215

GC Class of '82/'92 - Political Science/Legal Assistance


History Faculty

Stephen Auerbach
Professor of History

306 Humber-White House
CBX 47
(478) 445-8276


Areas of Study: Europe since 1500, French Cultural, Enlightenment

Mark Huddle
Associate Professor of History

202 Humber-White House
CBX 47
(478) 445-4691
Areas of Study: African American History and Popular Culture

Stephanie Opperman
Assistant Professor of History

308 Humber-White House
CBX 47
(478) 445-4692

Areas of Study: Latin American, World History

Craig Pascoe
Professor of History

304 Humber-White House
CBX 47
(478) 445-3516

Areas of Study: Cultural U.S., Urban U.S., U.S. South



William J. Risch
Associate Professor of History

102 Humber-White House
CBX 47
(478) 445-2178

Areas of Study: Modern Europe, Russia and Soviet Union, Central Europe




Jessica Wallace

Assistant Professor of History

107 Humber-White House

(478) 445-8620


Areas of Study: Early American, Atlantic World, Native American History


James H. Welborn, III

Assistant Professor of History

113 Humber-White House

(478) 445-0956


Areas of Study: 19th Century America, American South, Civil War, Religion


  Ashleigh Dean

Assistant Professor of History

115 Humber-White House


(478) 445-2179

Asian History




Robert J. Wilson III
Professor Emeritus of History/University Historian

McIntosh House Clarke Street
(478) 445-3515

Areas of Study: Colonial/Revolutionary U. S., Early Republic, Religion in American History, Local History

*Currently working on the History of Ga College


Geography Faculty


Chuck Fahrer
Professor of Geography

Beeson Hall 254
CBX 120
(478) 445-3518

Areas of Study: Political Geography, Geography of Health, Geography of Middle East and North Africa

Doug Oetter
Professor of Geography

Beeson Hall 253
CBX 120
(478) 445-7379

Areas of Study: Resource Geography, Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, Environmental History

Amy Sumpter
Associate Professor of Geography

 Beeson Hall 256
CBX 120
(478) 445-2035

Areas of Study: Historical, Cultural, and Ethnic Geography


  Mark Rochelo


Geosciences, Geographic Information Sciences and Mapping;

Environmental Studies