Faculty and Staff

Each faculty member has a strong commitment to teaching excellence and to creating a learning environment rich in cultural exploration. They not only teach courses in language, literature and culture, but they also share from their own international experiences and areas of expertise. Our students learn to express ideas in a foreign language through speech, writing, and by critically reading a variety of texts. They will acquire an in-depth understanding and appreciation of other cultures.

Administrative Faculty and Staff

Peggy (Schaller) Elliott Ph.D.

Department Chair
Associate Professor of French

Campus Box 046


Fax: 478-445-0969


Research Interest:
  • Early Modern Women Writers
  • French Fairy Tales
  • 18th-Century Pedagogy

Susan Hurst

Administrative Assistant

Campus Box 046

Phone: 478-445-4415

Fax: 478-445-0959


Christine Amezquita

Academic Advisor

Phone: 478-445-2309




Vicki Pyles-Hutchinson

Language Lab Coordinator

Phone: 478-445-4416


Research Interest:
  • Technology in second language acquisition
  • Translation Studies
  • 17th and 20th century French literature

Department Faculty

Juan Antonio Alcarria

Senior Lecturer of Spanish and Italian


Campus Box 046

Phone: 478-445-7382

Fax: 478-445-0959


Research Interest:
  • Second language acquisition and foreign language pedagogy
  • Computer assisted language learning and teaching/learning languages online
  • Development of language learners’ autonomy

Aurora Castillo-Scott Ed.D.

Associate Professor of Spanish


Campus Box 046

Phone: 478-445-0950

Fax: 478-445-0959


Research Interest:

  • Instructional technologies
  • Second language acquisition
  • Role-playing simulations
  • Project-based learning

Aaron Castroverde Ph. D.

Assistant Professor of Spanish


Campus Box 046

Phone: 478-445-8262

Fax: 478-445-0959


Research Interest:
  • 19th and 20th Century Peninsular Literature
  • Philippine Literature in Spanish
  • Modernism
  • Marxist and Decolonial Literary Theory

David de Posada Ph. D.

Professor of French and Spanish


Campus Box 046


Fax: 478-445-0959


Research Interest:
  • French Renaissance Poetry
  • US Latino Writers of Caribbean Descent 
  • Diaspora Studies

Daniel Fonfria-Perera Lecturer of Spanish


Campus Box 046

Phone: 478-445-7381

Fax: 478-445-0959


Research Interest:
  • Peninsular Spanish Literature of the 20th and 21st Centuries
  • Masculinity Studies
  • Film Studies

Hedwig Fraunhofer

Professor of French and German


Campus Box 046

Phone: 478-445-5015

Fax: 478-445-0959


Research Interest:
  • Theatre
  • Modern literature and philosophy
  • New materialisms and ecocriticism
  • Theories of fascism

Guillermo M. Jodra Ph.D.

Lecturer of Spanish


Campus Box 046

Phone: 478-445-0949

Fax: 478-445-0959


Research Interest:
  • Medieval, Early Modern Hispanic literature
  • Mediterranean Humanism
  • Mysticism and Religious Debates
  • Colonial Spanish and Philosophy of Law

Marlene McMichael

Senior Lecturer of Spanish


Campus Box 046

Phone: 478-445-5117

Fax: 478-445-0959


Research Interest:

  • Applied linguistics: Second Language Acquisition
  • Foreign Language Teaching Methodology
  • Sociolinguistics



Brantley Nicholson Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Spanish

and Latin American Studies


Campus Box 046

Phone: 478-445-8263

Fax: 478-445-0959


Research Interest:
  • Globalization and Cosmopolitanism in Latin America
  • Theories of Economics and Aesthetics
  • Pan-American and Hemispheric Narrative

Larbi Oukada Ph.D.

Professor of French


Campus Box 046

Phone: 478-445-0960

Fax: 478-445-0959


Research Interest:

  • French Phonology
  • Methods of teaching second languages
  • The notion of curricular responsiveness




Mariana Stoyanova Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Spanish


Campus Box 046

Phone: 478-445-5856

Fax: 478-445-0959


Research Interest:
  • Figurative Language Acquisition of Spanish as L2
  • Community-based Projects and Service Learning
  • Spanish Historical Lingustics
  • Semantics and Pragmatics