Parking Changes 2017

Effective August 1, 2017

Parking and Transportation Services is constantly looking for ways to improve the ease of parking at Georgia College.  This past year, a Parking Task Force comprised of cross-campus representation met and developed the following changes to Georgia College’s parking plan.  For additional details, please see the comprehensive parking plan and a list of FAQs posted below. 

 Download the Full Parking Plan


Changes to Parking Lot and Space Designations

  • The Adams lot will be converted from a combination Resident and Employee lot to an all Employee lot (provides an additional 35 Employee spaces).  The displaced resident students will shift to the Centennial area, which is currently underutilized and will be gaining 170 additional R spaces with the development of land behind the Depot.
  • The Kilpatrick lot will be converted from a combination Commuter and Employee lot to an all Employee lot (provides an additional 56 Employee spaces).  The displaced commuter students will shift to the newly-designated all-Commuter West Thomas Street lot as well as to newly-available (time-limited) City/public spaces that were formerly primarily used by employees.
  • The West Thomas Street lot will be converted from a Perimeter lot to a Commuter lot (provides an additional 65 Commuter spaces).  The displaced Perimeter lot patrons will shift to the newly-leased Wayne Street lot (designated Perimeter) and to other Perimeter lots.
  • The Old Courthouse lot and Mayfair lot will be designated for Guest Parking (in addition to the current Special Use parking).  This will provide 37 Guest spaces in addition to the Special Use spaces in these two lots.  Designation of Guest-only spaces will reduce displacement of patrons parking in other lots.
  • A new gravel lot will be added to the Centennial area, behind the Depot, which will be designated for Resident student parking.  This lot will provide approximately 170 new spaces and is anticipated for Fall 2017. 
  • The City of Milledgeville will be converting 80 spaces along Montgomery (55 spaces) and Clarke (25 spaces) to time-limited City/public spaces.  Though these public spaces will not be designated specifically for Commuter students, the two-hours limits will have the effect of benefiting Commuter students.
  • West Campus parking had only one allocation change.  The ten (10) existing and underutilized Employee space in the Peeler lot wer converted to Commuter.


Changes to Reserved Parking

  • “Reserved” parking for individual employees will be eliminated altogether.  (Existing Special Use spaces such as President’s Office, Community Director, etc. will remain.)  The President/Cabinet may designate a very limited number of specific positions/individuals to utilize a reserved space for which the department must pay.  The department will be charged a rate of $500/year, in addition to the normal $120 employee parking fee that will be paid by the individual employee. 


Changes to Permit Fees

  • The employee permit fee will be set at $120/year.
  • Guests will not be charged for parking.
  • There is no change to Resident, Commuter or Perimeter permits.


Changes to Guest (Visitor) Parking

  • All large groups (>10 vehicles) visiting the GC campus, including Admissions tour groups, will be directed to park at the Irwin Street lot.  These groups may use the regular GC shuttle service to main campus (which departs every 8 minutes) or charter a special shuttle with Parking and Transportation.
  • The Old Courthouse lot and Mayfair lot will be designated for guest-only parking (in addition to Special Use spaces) in order to reduce/eliminate guests displacing student, faculty, and staff parking.
  • Individual guests of the university (either the guests themselves, or the office hosting them) will coordinate with the Parking and Transportation office to receive a parking permit valid for the appropriate guest lot.
  • Unannounced guests who just “show up” will need to contact Parking and Transportation Services upon their arrival to allow for parking in designated guest lots (signage will be provided to clearly direct them).


Enforcement Hours

  • Parking policies, procedures, and regulations will be enforced 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday - Friday.



Frequently Asked Questions

In February 2017, Ms. Susan Allen, Vice President for Finance and Administration, appointed a Parking Task Force.  The Parking Task Force was established for a limited time, specifically to review GC’s parking plan and update it to meet the current parking needs of the GC community.  The seven-member task force included the following individuals, representing various constituencies from across the university:

  • Kyle Cullars       Auxiliary Services and Organizational Development (Chair of Parking Task Force)
  • Jan Clark           University Senate (RPIPC)
  • Drew Bruton      Staff Council
  • Laura Ahrens     Student Government Association
  • John Webb        Facilities Operations
  • Lori Burns          University Housing
  • Hank Griffeth     City of Milledgeville

PTAC is the ongoing advisory committee to the VP for Finance & Administration on all parking and transportation matters.  The Parking Task Force was established for a limited time, specifically to review GC’s parking plan and update it to meet the current parking needs of the GC community.  

Two members of PTAC were included in the Task Force and the final plan being implemented has the approval of both groups. 

Under this parking plan, GC provides 3,770 parking spaces on the Milledgeville Central Campus and West Campus (not including city, state, and federal street/highway spaces).

These 3,770 spaces must be shared by a conceivable community of roughly 7,821 patrons (6,047 undergraduate students; 868 graduate students; 335 full-time faculty; 69 part-time faculty; and 502 full-time staff).  So, if all patrons visited the campus at the same time, our parking space inventory would accommodate 48% of them, a higher percentage than that of most colleges and universities.

  • An increase of 71 Employee spaces in the heart of central campus
  • An increase of 9 Commuter student spaces, in addition to the 80 City spaces that will primarily benefit Commuters
  • An increase of 135 Resident student spaces
  • A decrease of 40 Perimeter spaces, offset by the current, significant underutilization of Perimeter spaces
  • An increase of approximately 37 Guest spaces (greatly reducing displacement of patrons parking in other lots)

The primary guiding principle for allocation of parking on the central campus, common to all GC parking studies, reviews, and campus master plan updates over the past fifteen years, and followed for this plan as well, is as follows:

Parking in the heart of the central campus is primarily set aside for faculty and staff, although a premium should not be charged for these spaces.  These groups have the greatest need to be closest to the academic and administrative buildings on campus, and accommodation should be made to permit employees to leave campus for work-related trips and yet be able to find parking when they return without costing the state additional money by spending time looking for parking.  Employees should have an option to park in more remote areas if they wish to pay a lower fee for doing so, and “basic” parking should be provided at no cost for employees who make below a minimum pay grade. 

Under this plan, the number of employee spaces has increased significantly.  While student fees have increased significantly in the past years, employee parking fees have not. This increase serves to better share the cost of services being provided to our patrons and revenue will continue to support future parking improvements. 

PTAC will continue to advise the Vice President for Finance and Administration (VPFA) on all things related to parking and transportation.  This group will make recommendations based on thorough discussions, and each member will vote on each matter of recommendation to be forwarded to the VPFA.  Given their advisory role, the votes are not binding for any decisions, but rather are intended to provide additional background to the VPFA regarding the constituencies’ and individuals’ standing on each matter being considered.

The committee will be made up of eight members (intentionally an even number, since votes are not binding for decision-making, but rather the group is advisory) as follows: 2 faculty members from University Senate; 2 members from Staff Council; 2 members from Resident Student Association (RSA); and 2 members from Student Government Association (SGA), specifically commuter students since resident students are represented by RSA.  

Construction will take place in Summer 2017, and we anticipate the lot will open by mid-Fall semester. 


Contact John Bowen, Senior Manager of Parking and Transportation Services.