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Welcome to the Convocation Program Information Site

Purpose of the Convocation Experience Program

Georgia College's convocation experiences are designed to provide a common undertaking for incoming students, to enhance participation in the intellectual life of the campus through stimulating discussion and critical thinking around a universal or current topic and to encourage a sense of community between students, faculty and staff. By participating in the convocation experience over the summer, students will arrive on campus prepared to engage in discussions that create a community of learners.

The convocation experience seeks to aid with the creation of a living-learning community that supports the successful transition of new students to the university culture. Program components support students in their personal, academic and leadership development. Furthermore, the convocation experience reinforces the university’s student-centered environment and enhances student engagement by encouraging students to engage with and contribute to the Georgia College community, reflect upon their own personal identity within the context of our campus and begin practicing the values of “Reason, Respect and Responsibility.”

2014 Convocation Experience and Theme

In preparation for Fall 2014, all first-year students are asked to read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. By reading this book over the summer, students will arrive on campus prepared to engage in discussions using the book as a springboard to introduce critical thinking and begin the first steps toward creating a community of learners by encouraging all students to join in and be part of the discussions during the Week of Welcome.

The theme for Convocation this year is "Technology and Commmunity," with the key question of "Does Technology Erode or Encourage Community?" For many young people, technology provides a platform that facilitates exposure in a way that encourages communities where respectful understanding of differences and recognition of those differences are celebrated. However, technology also provides a platform for communities that seek to promote division and negative views of diversity. Through this book, we hope to inspire students to consider the potential for positive communities through technology that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to see and to engage in a larger conversation about technology and its potential as a tool for either good or bad in establishing and maintaining communities.

Ready Player One
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