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The Other Wes Moore Reader's Guide (via Random House)

Call For Circle Leaders

Would you be willing to volunteer as a circle leader?  There will be optional discussion sessions during the summer. Please send a brief e-mail to Dr. Andy Lewter ( to acknowledge your willingness to participate if you are interested in volunteering to be a circle leader.

Submit Events

There are several ways to be involved with the Convocation Experience: events during the Week of Welcome, events held throughout the academic year, or recommending future events and/or books.

Week of Welcome
To offer an activity during WOW, contact Tom Miles (

Academic Year
To offer an activity during the academic year, contact Dr. Elaine Whitaker ( 

Future Events
To recommend future Convocation Books, Convocation Experiences, or to serve on the Convocation Experience committee, contact the current committee through Dr. Elaine Whitaker (

The Other Wes Moore
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