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Themes in Ready Player One

  • Technology:
    Technology is central to the plot. In this future world, technology is used both to supplement the shortcomings of and escape from reality. Characters work and go to school in the OASIS, a virtual reality infrastructure.
  • Community:
    Community is another central theme. Wade engages in his quest through the OASIS for keys to a real-world treasure. As the quest move on, the different communities created and nurtured by the resources of the virtual world begin to mirror and affect relationships in the real world.
  • Identity:
    The OASIS provides the ability to escape from reality and become someone else. Wade is known as Parzival in the OASIS, and his relationships there with others shape and drive his quest. Identities and relationships within the OASIS begin to blur with those in the real world.
  • Perseverance:
    Life in the real world is difficult for Wade. As the quest progresses, life in the OASIS becomes more difficult as well. Wade must persevere as he seeks to fulfill his quest.
  • Popular Culture:
    Ready Player One is packed with references to popular culture. One of the main components of the quest is to test how much the hunters know about the OASIS creator's favorite pop culture items.
  • Game Play – Competition:
    The quest pits the main character of Wade against enemies and friends in an effort to win the prize. The competition takes place in the OASIS and the real world and the stakes grow higher and more dangerous as the hunters move toward the end.
Ready Player One
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