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Themes in The Other Wes Moore
  • Identity:
    As the author is drawn into the story about another man with similar life circumstances, he begins to examine what makes this man different than him. By exploring and examining the other man's life, he also examines himself to see what has made him different than the "other."
  • Poverty:
    The role of poverty is an important factor in the examination of the differences between the author and the "other" Wes Moore. Its influence and the effects it brings are evident in the events of the book.
  • Family:
    The influences (both for good and for bad) are highlighted as the author examines the differences between himself and the "other." The examination of family takes into account both economic and emotional factors and how they affect each man.
  • Perseverance:
    The author uses the examination of both his and the "other's" lives to encourage perseverance. His message is that even with the most difficult of beginnings, it is possible to persevere and overcome obstacles to success in life.
The Other Wes Moore
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