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College of Business Faculty Staff Directory

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Dr. Arias

Arias, J.J. (Dr.)
Professor of Economics
421 Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-2085
E-mail: jj.arias@gcsu.edu

Dr. Beadles

Beadles, Nicholas (Dr.)
Interim Chair
Professor of Management
430 Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-2575
E-mail: nick.beadles@gcsu.edu

 Kari Brown

Brown, Kari (Ms.)
Business Outreach Coordinator
Dean's Office
203B Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-1310
E-mail: kari.brown@gcsu.edu

Dr. Clark

Clark, Chris (Dr.)
Associate Professor of Economics
415 Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-2588
E-mail: christopher.clark@gcsu.edu

Ms. Collier

Collier, Caroline (Ms.)
Lecturer of Management Information Systems 
Director of Center of Design and eCommerce
306D Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-2595
E-mail: caroline.collier@gcsu.edu

Dr. Conaway

Conaway, Brooke (Dr.)
Assistant Professor of Economics
413 Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-1240
E-mail: brooke.conaway@gcsu.edu


Alicia Puckett

Dent, Alicia (Ms.)
Administrative Assistant
Information Systems & Computer Science, Marketing
301 Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-5721
E-mail: alicia.dent@gcsu.edu

Dr. Duesing

Duesing, Bob (Dr.)
Associate Professor of Management
425 Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-2571
E-mail: bob.duesing@gcsu.edu

Dr. Elder

Elder, Kevin (Dr.)
Associate Professor of Management Information Systems
316 Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-4182
E-mail: kevin.elder@gcsu.edu

Dr. Farr

Farr, Ken (Dr.)
Professor of Economics
401 Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-1804
E-mail: ken.farr@gcsu.edu
Web site: http://kenfarr.gcsu.edu/

Dr. Flynn

Flynn, Jan (Dr.)
Associate Professor of Management
423 Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-2569
E-mail: jan.flynn@gcsu.edu

Folk, Jessie

Folk, Jessie (Mrs.)
Lecturer of Economics
433 Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-2415
E-mail: jessie.folk@gcsu.edu

Dr. Fontenot

Fontenot, Renee (Dr.)
Professor of Marketing
318 Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-2593
E-mail: renee.fontenot@gcsu.edu

Meg Geddy

Geddy, Margaret (Dr.)

Lecturer of Business Communications
319 Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-8580
E-mail: margaret.geddy@gcsu.edu

Mrs. Godin

Godin, Joy (Dr.)
Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems
304 Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-2565
E-mail: joy.godin@gcsu.edu

Dr. Goette

Goette, Tanya (Dr.)
Professor of Management Information Systems
302 Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-2563
E-mail: tanya.goette@gcsu.edu

Dr. Goings

Goings, Douglas (Dr.)
Professor of Business Communications & Management Information Systems 
320 Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-2567
E-mail: douglas.goings@gcsu.edu

Ms. Gorham

Gorham, Roberta (Ms.)
Lecturer of Accounting
409 Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-2584
E-mail: roberta.gorham@gcsu.edu

Ms. Hanson

Hanson, Lynn (Ms.)
Graduate Programs
215 Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-5115
E-mail: lynn.hanson@gcsu.edu


Dr. Humphries

Humphries, Sally (Dr.)

Professor of Business Communications & Management Information Systems
303 Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-2564
E-mail: sally.humphries@gcsu.edu

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