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The choice of an academic major is an important life decision; it constitutes a significant step in shaping your future opportunities. Economics is a behavioral science that draws upon the traditional liberal arts such as history and philosophy; natural sciences such as mathematics and physics; and social sciences, such as political science, sociology, and psychology. The interdisciplinary nature of economics lies at the heart of a liberal arts university. The most basic and enduring strength of economics is that it provides a logical, ordered way of analyzing social problems (e.g., poverty, unemployment, crime, economic growth, the effects of government policy, pollution) as well as individual behavior (e.g., the labor-leisure tradeoff, drug addiction, taxes, voting, marriage, consumer behavior, business decisions). Economics graduates have an advantage entering the job market because employers recognize that economics curricula are rigorous and challenging. And the economics curriculum is not just job training. Instead, it focuses on the development of analytical and critical thinking, deductive reasoning, quantitative, and communication skills that are sought by employers in many different fields. This means students who graduate with an economics major will have a great deal of job flexibility, which is critical in today’s world where it is common to make several job changes during a career. 

Students pursuing the economics major can choose either a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. In addition to the required economics courses, the B.A. degree program includes 21-30 elective hours, and the B.S. degree program includes 30 elective hours of coursework. This enables students to easily complete a minor or a second major within four years of study.  Three concentrations are also available to students who want a specific focus in their program of study – Financial Economics, International Economics and Public Economics.  For more information about our economics programs, please visit   


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