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Career Services for Education Students

The University Career Center services all majors at Georgia College, which includes undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Education. Each spring, we partner with the College of Education to host Teacher Recruitment and Mock Interview Day. To prepare for this event, all undergraduate and graduate teacher candidates participate in resume review events coordinated by the Career Center.

Finding a Teaching Job
Starting your search early is the key to successfully obtaining a job after graduation. First, you will need to develop a resume and determine your geographic location of choice. Once you know where you would like to work, plan a strategy for checking websites, attending job fairs and networking with principals and other teachers in those school systems.

If you plan to stay in Georgia, become familiar with the TeachGeorgia website. This site will provide you information on open teaching positions, upcoming job fairs and easy access to each school system's website. To locate similar sites for other states, we recommend using a search engine to identify these resources. 

Non-Traditional Teaching Opportunities
Teaching Abroad: You may decide to use your teaching degree outside the public school system. Organizations such as Peace Corps also look for education majors to teach abroad. Peace Corps visits GC at least once a semester to host information sessions. You should also view our teaching abroad resource page.

Teach for America: If you are a campus leader and desire the opportunity to work in a high need school system, Teach for America may be another option to consider. Teach for America hires certified and non-certified teachers.

Private Schools:
Southern Teacher's Agency places new teachers with private schools across the southeast.

Applying for a Teaching Job
Due to changes in technology and our ever changing economic environment, we have seen significant changes in teacher recruitment and hiring over the past ten years. In the past, the University Career Center managed placement files for education majors. Since many school systems now use an online, paperless system to receive applications, we no longer offer a formal credential file program.  However, if you apply for a teaching job that requires a credential file, the Career Center will be glad to help you with this process. 

Most education majors will create and manage their own credential files that they will use for each teaching position that they apply for online. Rather than having the Career Center send your materials, you are able to quickly apply to jobs online. To create your personal file, you may need the following materials, depending on what each school system requests from you:

•  Cover letter
•  Resume
•  Letters of recommendation/Recommendation Forms(3-5)
•  Academic transcript
•  GACE scores
•  Teaching Certificate or Certificate Number (once it is received)

Cover Letters
A cover letter explains your interest and qualifications for the specific position. You should craft a new cover letter for each position in order to show your sincere interest. The Career Center has a packet of information on cover letters and other job search correspondence (pdf). We can also review your cover letter along with your resume.

Resumes are 1 – 2 page documents highlighting your related experience. The Career Center can assist you with developing these materials. In addition to our Resume Packet (pdf), you can also use Career Connection to view other examples.

Letters of Recommendation
When you begin the application process, follow directions for each school system because each may vary in terms of what they require for recommendations. While some may require as many as three reference letters, others may have an online evaluation or a paper evaluation form for each reference to complete. If a school system expects your evaluation forms to be managed by your Career Center, please contact us so that we can assist you with this task. However, in most cases, each school system will have a form or will accept letters managed by you.

You should personally contact individuals who would speak positively and comprehensively about your work ethic, academic background and qualifications for the teaching field. You should supply the recommender with a copy of your resume and any additional information that would help him or her write the best letter possible. If the evaluator is to mail the letter to the school system, please provide him or her with an stamped, addressed envelope.

Letters of reference can come from a variety of people. Beginning teachers should have letters from their cooperating teacher and student teacher supervising professor as well as a faculty member in education and/or their subject area. More experienced teachers may also have recommendations from a principal or another teacher who has observed their teaching. Additional employers who have can comment on your skills, qualifications, experience and potential as a new teacher could also serve as references.

Before and after graduation, you should request a few transcripts so that you have them as needed. An application may not ask for a transcript, but you should refer to your unofficial transcript when completing information such as GPA and courses completed. You may also need an official transcript once you accept a position.  Contact the Registrar's office to request a transcript.

GACE Scores
You may be asked to include your test scores on your application.

Teaching Certificate
Once you have your certificate, you may be asked to include the certificate number on your application.


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