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Resources for Graduate Students and Alumni

Whether you're a graduate student or an alumnus pursuing a career change, the University Career Center can help you build an effective job search strategy. 

Specific Resources for Graduate Students
In addition to other resources available on this web site and through Career Connection, we have also developed a Job Search Guide for Graduate Students (pdf) and a Resume Guide for Graduate Students (pdf).

Appointments for Resume Reviews
We know that graduate students have varied schedules and often take courses in Macon or on line.  In addition to having an appointment at the main campus, staff can also review your resume via email

Annual career fairs include
•  Graduate & Professional School Fair in October, 
•  Nursing & Health Sciences Career Expo
•  Teacher Recruitment Day 
•  GC Career Expo
•  Career Opportunities Fair - Cobb Galleria, Atlanta (fall)
•  College-to-Career Fair - Cobb Galleria, Atlanta (spring)

A calendar of events is always current through Career Connection.

Workshops and networking programs
These events tend to take place on the main campus.  By special request, we will work with specific graduate program instructors to plan workshops or events at the Macon Graduate Center. 

University Career Center visits to the Macon Graduate Center
Our staff members are on site at the Macon Graduate Center at least once per month to promote our services and answer any career related questions.  These office hours are posted at the beginning of each semester through our weekly newsletter.  To receive the newsletter, register in our Career Connection database.

Services available to undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni include:
•  Networking with employers
•  Career Connection job and internship database    
•  Creating a job search strategy
•  Applying for graduate school
•  Developing and critiquing resumes
•  Exploring majors and career choices
•  Transitioning from college to career
•  Preparing and searching for internships
•  Determining employment and salary trends
•  Learning and implementing interview techniques

Graduate students and alumni may schedule appointments with a career advisor from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. at the Milledgeville campus.  If you are a graduate student taking classes in Macon or Warner Robins, a staff member from our office would be glad to meet with you at the Macon campus after 3 p.m., Monday through Thursday.  To meet with one of us at the Macon campus, please contact our office at 478-445-5384 at least one week before you would like to schedule an appointment. 

College of Business
 View career information from the College of Business web site.

Quick Tips for Career Changers
If you're trying to make a career change either within your field or into a completely knew profession, sending resumes and cover letters can be challenging.  Follow these tips that we typically use with job seekers who are in your situation.
•  Continue to build your experiences through new projects at 
    work, volunteering, or internships.  If you have limited experience
    in the field your currently studying or would like to work in, gaining 
    more practical experience will expand your resume and your
    skill set.
•  Carefully read the job description and highlight every duty and 
    skill that applies to your background.  Brainstorm how your work, 
    leadership, and academic experiences relate to these duties and
    skills.  When writing your resume and cover letter, speak to each
    of those areas.
•  Look for transferable skills in your experiences and then
    communicate them in a way that relates to the job you want, not
    the job you have. 
•  Make it easy for the employer to see you as the
    right candidate.
   When an employer receives your resume, 
    he or she is likely to quickly scan and assess your
    qualifications in about 10 - 15 seconds.  Logically organize
    information and briefly describe experiences with strong
    action verbs so that the employer instantly sees how
    qualified you are for the job.
•  Use your resume to highlight the most relevant 
    accomplishments and experiences.
  You do not have to
    include all jobs on your resume like you would on an application.
•  The cover letter is important, so don't send the same one to 
  It's your opportunity to say, "Hire me because..." 
    and to specifically state why you are interested in the position.  
    Showing genuine interest and enthusiasm about the specific job 
    will make you stand out among the hundreds of others who send
    generic cover letters.  It also shows the strong communication
    skills you have developed through your degree programs.
•  Set up informational interviews with people who are in the 
    field you are pursuing. 
  Let them know you have an interest in 
    what they do and find out what has made them successful. 
    It might not always evolve into a job lead right away, but as
    you conduct meetings you will continue to increase your
    knowledge of the field.  You'll have a better sense of the lingo
    used as well as current issues effecting your particular industry.
•  Research and/or join a related professional association. 
    Involvement will increase your network of contacts.  You'll also be 
    more informed about the field.  Many professional associations
    post jobs among their members as well.  Staying connected to
    your field in this way early on in graduate school will also allow
    for an easy transition to using the organization in your job search.
•  Apply to everything that interests you and seems like a
    job you could do.
  If you know you could do the job and have
    experiences in your background that match the job description,
    you should apply for the job.  Years of experience can sometimes
    be supplemented with education, volunteer, and leadership. You
    will  never know unless you try!


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