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Career Resources on the Web

The Internet has a vast amount of career development and job search information.  We have provided some of our favorite links, but we also recommend using an Internet search engine to search for information within your specific field.  Targeting specific companies and organizations that you want to work for is key because not all companies post on the same job boards.

When conducting an Internet job search, you should focus your efforts on researching careers and networking with specific individuals.  You should also beware of internet job scams that appear on trusted job boards. 

Students should use this resource page as a general guide for starting the internet job search.  Additional resources are available through the links on the "What Can I Do with this Major?" site and through the resources provided in the Focus 2 Career Assessment (login required).  


GC's Career Connection for Students and Alumni
This site is the main communication tool the Career Center uses with students.  On this site, we post all jobs that we receive from employers and maintain our calendar of events. You can also access jobs posted through Internships.com and Indeed.com via Career Connection.  As a registered user, you receive important e-mails from our staff about employers visiting campus. 

Jobs at Georgia College
Please visit www.gcsujobs.com, managed by the Human Resources Office, if you are a student seeking an on campus job.  Some students with financial need may be eligible for a federal work study position. For more information on federal work study, please visit the Office of Financial Aid on the first floor of Parks Hall.

Alumni interested in working for Georgia College should also use www.gcsujobs.com to apply to the most recent postings.  

While the Career Center does not manage the on campus job process, our staff is available to help students and alumni with the resumes and search strategies.

Job Aggregators
The internet has several free tools for pulling jobs from job boards and company websites.  By logging into Career Connection you will have access to Indeed. Additional ones can help you locate jobs abroad as well.  As you use these sites, it is always a good idea to then look for the job on the specific company's web site. 

Students with Disabilities
Career Gateway
Federal Career Opportunities
Getting Hired
Check with the University Career Center for additional resources.

Education Jobs

Government Jobs
Federal jobs
Georgia State Personnel Administration
Lists of government agencies

Industry Specific Jobs
Many professional associations and industry organizations host a job board through their web site.  The Career Center offers a comprehensive list of industry job boards through our online career assessment program, Focus 2.  You will need to register in Focus 2 to access the web links provided by Focus 2.

We also recommend using a search engine to generate job boards and professional associations that pertain to your field.  The best industry-specific job boards are affiliated with a professional association or a print or web based industry publication. 

An important part of your job search is employer research.  Creating an account in LinkedIn is a great way to start.  Through LinkedIn, you can follow companies, connect with people who work at companies that interest you, and apply to jobs posted through groups or the LinkedIn Job Board.

The Career Center now offers the self-directed online career assessment, Focus 2. After you complete the assessments, you should schedule an appointment with a career advisor.

Counseling Services at GC offers more in depth career assessments through their office which are then reviewed by a licensed counselor. 

Career Exploration Resources
Focus 2
After completing the Focus 2 assessments, you can review information on hundreds of careers. Through videos and written information, Focus 2 provides occupational information such as typical job duties, hiring outlook, required training, national salary averages and professional associations.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Developed by the U.S. Department of Labor, the OOH will demystify the world of work by providing you with accurate descriptions, salary information and job growth projections for all industries and job titles in the United States. 

Riley Guide
This resource is one of the most comprehensive lists of career development sites. 

NACE Salary Guide
The National Association of Colleges and Employers offers the most accurate compensation data available.

Compare salary and benefit offers based on experience, job description and location.

Chamber of Commerce
Is your job or internship search limited to a particular geographic location?  Use your local Chamber of Commerce to determine what companies and organizations are in your area.  Do a Google search or visit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce web site to find one in your area.

Professional Organizations
If you have determined a specific field in which you want to work, research related professional associations.  These web sites may provide job listings, but the organizations will also provide you with a specific way to network within your field.  Many organizations also offer discounted student  memberships. To locate an organization in your field, we recommend using Google to search "Your field name professional associations."  You should also check with faculty, advisers and the Career Center for ideas.

Social Networking Sites
By cleaning up your Facebook account and joining LinkedIn, you can make connections with employers as well as alumni who may be hiring in your field.  The Career Center has groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  You can also read our blog.

Many students consider teaching English abroad after graduation.  If considering this option, review information provided by the U.S. Department of State in regards to the specific country you are considering.  Research each opportunity carefully to verify.  The following web sites can be useful:

Transitions Abroad: List of best web sites for teaching abroad
Dave's ESL Cafe

Walt with SPA
Connecting What Matters
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