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Internship Information for Employers

Learning outside the classroom is one of the distinct aspects of a Georgia College education.  While many programs require students to complete internships, clinical experiences, or practicum experiences prior to graduation, we also allow most majors to complete internships for academic credit.  The University Career Center works in partnership with academic departments to identify and promote potential internship opportunities for students.

Requirements for Offering and Posting Internships
Companies, non-profits, and government agencies who are offering a structured learning experience that would relate to a student's major or career goals may post the opportunity with the University Career Center.  The positions are available online to students through Career Connection.  Faculty and students are often notified of new internships opportunities through our weekly newsletter. 

Each academic department is responsible for approving internships for academic credit.  In general, faculty are looking for opportunities that offer substantial experience supervised by a professional in the field.  Contact our Internship Coordinator, Michelle Berg, if you have specific questions about a program's requirements.

The University Career Center provides support to several departments in the Colleges of Arts & Sciences and Health Sciences on issues regarding internship paperwork. Please refer to information on our student internship site.

Length and Timing of Internships and Co-ops
Internships are typically semester long experiences that coincide with the beginning and ending of classes.  Students may work anywhere from 10 - 30 hours per week, depending on the student's course load. 

Co-ops are longer in nature and may extend from junior to senior year.  Our undergraduate students are more likely to complete parallel co-ops where they attend classes while working no more than 20 hours per week.  Graduate students may have more flexibility in their schedule to complete traditional co-op that requires full-time availability.  Co-ops are always paid and often convert to full-time employment upon graduation for employees in good standing.

Compensation often depends on the industry.  For many business related fields such as accounting, management, and technology, paid internships are expected.  In fields such as mass communication and public history, paid internships are rare.  Compensation structures may differ as well.  We will be glad to consult with you to determine appropriate salary ranges for Georgia College interns.

The U.S. Department of Labor has released new information regarding internships and the Fair Labor Standards Act.  For-profit private corporations that offers unpaid internships should review the statement and determine how the criteria set by the Department of Labor fit their internship positions.  At this time, it seems that unpaid experiences with a for-profit without academic credit could violate the standards set forth by the Act.

Many of our academic programs in health sciences, education, and mass communication rely on unpaid internship experiences to fulfill graduation requirements for students.  We will continue to promote these opportunities to students who are pursuing them in order to fulfill academic requirements.  We anticipate that this Fair Labor Standards Act will apply more to business students who are doing unpaid internships with for-profit private corporations without receiving academic credit.  Non-profit organizations are not effected by the Act at this time. 

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