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Nursing & Health Sciences Career Expo

February 22, 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Student Activities Center - Magnolia Ballroom
Open to all majors!
Research participating organizations prior to the event.
Dress for Success

Why you should attend:
Companies are coming to campus to recruit students for internships and full-time jobs! Graduate schools want to enroll you in their programs. You'll be able to explore new opportunities so that you make the best career decision for you. With the current economic situation, even students who are in high demand fields such as nursing will benefit from this event.

How to register: Although pre-registration is not required, we recommend that students register for the event on Career Connection.   To be included, pre-register on Career Connection by February 1. After you login to your Career Connection account,  register for the Nursing & Health Sciences Career Expo under "Career Fairs & Events." You can also upload your resume to Career Connection to be included in an online resume book that will be accessible to employers.

What to expect:
We will have 25 - 40 companies and graduate schools in Magnolia Ballroom to meet with students. Each organization will have 1 - 2 recruiters at their designated tables. As a participant, you will be able to visit the tables to pick up information and ask questions. You should bring a copies of your resume and dress professionally.

How can I get a list of participating companies?:
To make sure you have the most up-to-date information, visit the page for the event on Career Connection. New companies register each day so this list provides the most up-to-date information.

Who can attend:
All GC students, alumni, faculty, and staff who have an interest in career opportunities in the healthcare industry or outdoor education are invited to attend. Although the event is traditionally a nursing career fair, all health sciences majors are encouraged to attend as well in order to network with health organizations. Pre-med students are encouraged to network with hospitals if they are looking for volunteer opportunities.

Most of all, the event is not just for seniors. If you're a second semester junior, it's a great time to talk to hospitals about summer nursing externships. Seniors who are looking for full-time jobs or internships do not want to miss this event. If you have questions, please contact the Career Center.

What to wear: Since you will be recruiters who are seeking job and graduate school candidates, we recommend business casual or professional business attire. Dress neatly and conservatively in order to make the best impression. Rule of thumb: If you could wear the outfit to the beach, do not wear it to the career fair!

What to bring:
Bring copies of your resume to leave with the recruiters. You may encounter some recruiters who only take resumes online, but most will accept them at the fair. We recommend that you also bring a professional looking portfolio/notebook to write down contact information, websites, or other information. Many programs will have information for you to collect at the event.

The hospital that interests me the most will not be at the fair.
Should I still attend?:
Yes! You are very likely to have the opportunity to talk to other organizations that you may not have considered but could still be a good match for you. Consider what all of the organizations offer new employees. Not only should you apply to more than one job, but you can use the event to gather information on what employers look for in a candidate. You may also discover that another school may be an ideal fit for you.

How to prepare:
Review the list of participating organizations so that you have a plan before arriving at the event. Determine at least 5 - 10 of them you want to speak to at the event. Then you should develop a quick, 30-second introduction that you can use when meeting the recruiters. You can also prepare questions you want to ask each organization. Remember to use this event as a way to gather information

What to say:
We have developed sample introductions that can help you with articulating your message to employers and graduate schools. Remember to smile, offer a firm handshake, and introduce yourself. Let them know that you have researched their organization by having a specific question for them related to your goals. Instead of saying, "What jobs do you have?"you should say, "I saw the full-time health educator position on your website and have applied. Would you recommend that I get in touch with the manager of that department to follow up on my application?"

Underclassmen gathering career information
"Hello. My name is Emma Roberts. I'm a sophomore nursing major. I came today to gather information about the field. What type of internship or externship opportunities do you offer underclassmen?"

Interested in summer camp opportunities (any major) "Hello. My name is Edward Cullen. I haven't decided on a major yet, but I love the outdoors and thought a summer camp position would be a great opportunity for me this summer. I looked at your website and wanted to know more about the opportunities you have for first year counselors. I'm from Washington State, but I am open to going anywhere this summer."

Senior nursing major looking at graduate schools
"Hello. My name is Clara Barton. I'm graduating this year with a degree in Nursing. I plan to work full-time but would like to begin my master's degree in nursing. What type of online programs or classes do you offer to students who also work full-time?"

Pre-med student seeking volunteer opportunities
"Hello. My name is Derrick Shephard. I am a pre-med student and want to begin volunteering at a hospital. How does your hospital handle requests from student volunteers?"

Sample Questions
• I'm considering a major in community health and would like to
  locate someone at your hospital who could answer questions I
  have about the field. Is their anyone you would recommend?
• What is your timeline for hiring new staff?
• Do you have full-time employees who also pursue their graduate
  degrees while working?
• What type of training program do you provide for new hires?
• Does your hospital offer internships or externships to
undergraduates during the summer? If so, how would I go about
• What do you look for in your candidates?

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