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Social Media and the Job Search

LinkedIn is the Facebook for professionals.  With a profile that reads like a resume, you can connect with millions of people who are in your career field.  You can also network with Georgia College alumni through the Georgia College Alumni Group.  To get started, we recommend watching the job seeker and student tutorials at http://learn.linkedin.com

By creating a professional blog, you have the opportunity to share your expertise.  However, if you write a personal blog instead, know that people may have access to the opinions your express.  To read the University Career Center's blog, click here.

Through Twitter, you can follow a variety of companies who post job opportunities.  You can also create a professional presence for yourself through your Twitter posts.

YouTube isn't just a place to watch funny videos.  In fact, many career services offices (including the University Career Center at Georgia College) has produced videos to help you with interview attire, working a career fair, and answering interview questions.  Many companies have also created videos to help job seekers better understand their culture and opportunities.

As a job seeker, you can continue to use Facebook to stay in touch with friends who may be possible job leads.  However, do not use your Facebook page to rant about your current employer or talk opening about bad interviews.  Many Facebook users are guilty of sharing too much information which can ultimately hurt their job search.  If you would be embarrassed to show your Facebook page to your grandmother, then it may be time to clean it up.

Tips for building your professional network via social networking sites:
•   Search for professional groups on LinkedIn related to your field.
•   Add former classmates, supervisors, and professors, and
     other professionals you know as contacts.
•   Review your profile as if you were an employer looking at
     a potential candidate and make appropriate changes.
•   If you do include pictures, choose those that reflect your
     best self.  Avoid any that contain illegal or inappropriate
•   Employers have Facebook groups to locate potential
     candidates, so locate organizations that interest you and join
     those groups. 
•   Let your contacts know when you are looking for a job or
•   Join alumni networking groups for your college and high school.
•   Utilize your networking site to locate professionals that will
     help you learn and explore career options.
•   Periodically message people in your network with similar career
     interests to touch base.
•   Add present and previous work experience to your profile,
     mentioning goals and next steps.      

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