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Interacting with Employers at Career Fairs

The following is a sample conversation between an employer and a student.  Notice how the student has a positive attitude and addresses the employer with open ended questions that generate good conversation.  If you only ask "yes/no" questions, you may be disappointed rather quickly and could miss out on valuable information about the organization

Student:  Hello.  My name is Emma Roberts.  I have been reviewing your website, and I'm very interested in your internship program.  What locations offer internships? Open ended questions generate conversations.

Employer:  They are located in a variety of locations which includes our headquarters and our regional locations.  What internship interested you the most? The employer expects you to know what you want.

  I'm a history major, but I'm really interested in real estate.  I was most interested in your opportunities related to real estate development as your company looks for new locations.   Do non-business majors ever apply for those positions?  This student has done her research.  Also, she emphasized her career interest instead of his major.  Career and major are not always equal to each other.

  Definitely.  You just want to show your interest, skills, and abilities in your application and interview.  Our real estate internships are located in our corporate headquarters.  I have more direct hiring involvement with our regional interns, but I can put you in touch with someone at our corporate office.  The recruiter may not be able to connect you with all positions, but he or she is your first connection to the company.  Network with this person so that you can eventually gain other contacts.

  That would be great.  Can I get your business card so that I can follow up with you after the career fair?  I can contact you at that time to get the information.  Be polite, ask for their contact information, and ask if you can contact him or her when you apply so that you can stay in touch with the company.




















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