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Internship Search

Finding Practical Experience Opportunities

It takes 6 – 9 months to conduct most job searches.  An internship search should be no different.  Use the timeline below to plan an effective internship search.  If you’re starting late, you’ll just need to go through the steps more quickly.  Use all of your resources during an internship search, which include your academic department, the University Career Center, family, friends, internet, and organized networking activities.

Any major can pursue practical experience.  Depending on your field, practical experiences may come in the form or internships, externships, practica, clinicals, preceptorships, or part-time jobs.  Typically, students who are pursuing internships, externships, and part-time jobs are responsible for finding their placements.  Practica, clinicals, and preceptorships are often arranged by the student’s academic department.

Month 1

•  Create a resume and have it critiqued by the Career Center
•  If you’re not sure about a career path, take a career assessment
   offered by Counseling Services in Lanier Hall.
•  Upload your resume to Career Connection.
•  Make a list of what you are looking for in a practical experience. 
•  Talk with your faculty advisor to learn about academic credit 
   options and possible internship sites.  Each department has
   specific criteria for what they will accept for academic credit.
•  Keep in mind that many nationally known summer programs
   have deadlines in late fall or early spring.

Month 2 & 3

•  Meet with the University Career Center to get additional
   ideas for possible internship sites.
•  Use Chamber directors to research companies within
   specific geographic locations.
•  Use Google to find professional organizations related to
   your field.
•  Create a list of companies that interest you and research
   their websites for internship information.
•  Identify the positions for which you will apply.  For each position,
   write a targeted cover letter.
•  Complete other application requirements such as transcript
   requests, recommendations, assessments, etc.
•  Keep an Excel spreadsheet or other document to track your
   networking contacts and applications.
•  Shop for a good interview suit, so that you’ll be prepared.
•  Continues to get ideas from you academic department.
•  Network with family and friends as well.  Small organizations
   may look for people by word-of-mouth and talking to who
   they already know.

Month 4, 5, & 6
Continue to apply for positions until you get an offer
•  Talk to you advisor about requirements for academic credit
•  Follow-up with companies where you have applied
•  If you’re not getting a response from employers, visit
   the University Career Center for advice.
•  Update your resume if you have had any new experiences.
•  Begin interviewing and send thank you letters to those companies.
•  Once you accept an internship, stop applying for other positions. 
•  If you have to turn down offers, always do so in a polite and 
   timely manner
•  Confirm you start and end date as well as your job duties with
   your internship site.
•  Check with us to see if your department uses our 
   paperwork process.  We manage all paperwork through 
   Career Connection.

Other Helpful Tasks

•  Submit your resume for campus interviews and resume collections.
•  Attend the Career Opportunities Fair in November 
   at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta.
•  Attend the GC Career Expo in March at the Magnolia Ballroom.
•  Attend the College-to-Career Fair at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta.
•  Sign-up for Mock Interview with the University Career Center so
   that you can practice interviews.

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