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Paralegal Certificate Program Curriculum



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All courses are held in a classroom atmosphere at our the Macon Graduate Center, located at 433 Cherry Street in the Thomas Jefferson Building in downtown Macon.   To obtain the Paralegal Certificate, you must successfully complete all 11 courses.

Paralegal Introduction with Civil Practices & Procedures I & II

Tort Law I & II   Criminal Law and Procedures
Wills, Estates and Trusts Family Law Business Organization and Corporate Law
Real Estate Law Legal Research  Legal Writing



Paralegal Introduction with

Civil Practices and Procedures I & II

The first course in the Paralegal Certificate Program, this course offers a practical and comprehensive study of the language and procedures of the judicial system and the duties, skills, and responsibilities of today's paralegal. Ethical obligations, client confidentiality, trial preparation, file management, interviewing and investigation techniques are covered.  

  Following this introduction, Civil Practices and Procedures I & II will cover all aspects of civil litigation, including pleadings, pre-trial motions, discovery, trials, post-trial  proceedings, and judgments. You will learn the function and rules of each stage of civil litigation, proper terms and procedures.  Back to Top


Tort Law I & II

This course will provide an in-depth survey of tort law. We will address what legal duties are owed to another, how those respective duties are breached, and the types of damages which flow there from. We will cover negligence, strict liability and what the respective burdens of proof are for each. Not only will we discuss what the burdens of proof a plaintiff must bear when bringing an action sounded in tort, but we will discuss the various defenses of a tort action. This course will also discuss the important roles paralegals play in interviewing clients and initiating investigations. Additionally, we will cover how to prepare a demand for settlement and. briefly, how to compose initiating pleadings such as a complaint and an answer.  Back to Top 


Criminal Law and Procedures

This is an introduction to the principles of criminal law and practice. The course presents procedures used in criminal courts, and outlines methods of operation of a law office specializing in the defense of persons accused of crimes as well as the operation of a prosecutor's office.  Back to Top

Wills, Estates and Trusts

In this course you will learn the basics of wills and trusts, estate planning, and the probate of estates. You will learn the importance of planning ahead and the documents that need to be prepared in order to adequately protect assets and provide for the proper passing to the heirs and beneficiaries.  No book is required.  Back to Top


Family Law

The Family Law course will give the you the tools necessary to support an attorney in a family law practice. A domestic attorney is responsible for a number of separate issues--from adoptions through uncontested and contested divorces to child custody and child support recovery actions. Each area of practice has separate documents, procedures, and requirements that must be met by the attorney with the paralegal's help. This course will outline the different situations that you will need to navigate and introduce you to the types of work that a lawyer will expect from a paralegal, both for document preparation and hearing and trial preparation.  Back to Top

Business Organization and Corporate Law

Introduction to the legal system as it affects business activity. The primary concentration is on the law of corporations, both public and closely held. Topics include corporate formation, the authority and duties of corporate managers including the duty of care and duty of loyalty, principles of the law of contracts, agency relationships and the documents required to create corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.  Back to Top


Real Estate Law

This course will consist of  legal terminology, examination of title to real property, title search,  mortgages, drafting contracts for the sale and purchase of land and preparation of instruments of conveyance and other documents involved in a sale and/or loan transaction.  Back to Top

Legal Research and Writing I & II

This course is in preparation for Legal Writing.  In this course,  you will  begin to develop research skills and the ability to write legal documents. The focus is on techniques, methods and legal terminology. It consists of hands-on legal research exercises using a law library and  WestLaw or LexisNexis, powerful online resources, to find statues, precedents and other relevant authority. You'll also learn to correctly cite the resources.  

Using the foundation learned in Legal Research, you will deal in more detail with background research and specific fact and validation research.  Emphasis will be placed on correct and effective written communication as you prepare letters, legal memoranda, briefs and other legal documents.  Back to Top 

For additional information, questions or concerns, please contact:

Cassie Lee Napier

Program Coordinator
Continuing Education
Georgia College
Campus Box 040
Milledgeville, Georgia 31061
(478) 445-5281
(478) 445-6271 (fax)
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