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Center for Engaged Learning, Teaching and Scholarship (CELTS)

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Welcome to the Center for Engaged Learning, Teaching, and Scholarship (CELTS) at Georgia College.  Through its programs, CELTS advances and supports engaged teaching and learning strategies that reflect Georgia College’s mission to “take learning beyond the traditional classroom and develop the intellectual, professional, and civic skills and dispositions that enable graduates to thrive in an information-intensive and diverse global society.”

Our Programs

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Our Mission: The Center for Engaged Learning, Teaching, and Scholarship works with students, faculty, and staff to promote and support a culture of engaged teaching, learning, and scholarship

Our Vision: Through the Center’s programs, faculty will utilize and foster teaching and learning practices that enhance students’ academic, civic, and leadership capacities through classroom and community-based experiences.

Our Values

  • Creativity: We will work with faculty, students, staff and other stakeholders to develop creative and innovative approaches that support personal and institutional goals.
  • Communication, Collaboration and Community: We will build a collaborative environment where stakeholders can draw on our and each other’s expertise in support of mutual interests and goals. We value relationships and partnerships based on respect, equity, trust, and dialog. We support the learning outcomes relative to effective listening, speaking and writing by creating the conditions in which the people with whom we work become more capable communicators. We believe that communication skills are integral to research, leadership, professional management, and responsible citizenship.
  • Change: We will develop responsive faculty, student, and staff support programs that adapt to our stakeholders’ changing needs and we will promote an institutional culture that recognizes faculty, students, and other stakeholders that contribute to innovations in teaching, learning, and scholarship.
  • Curiosity and Discovery: We will support faculty and student scholarship that reflects the four categories of scholarship identified by Ernest Boyer: Teaching, Discovery, Application and Integration.
  • Reflective Practice: We believe that professional and personal growth and development require reflection that leads to action and we will review and revise our own programs based on this principal. We will support faculty, students and staff in the design and implementation of reflective practices.
  • Relevance: We believe that the best learning experiences are those that are meaningful and relevant to the learner. We will strive to offer programs to faculty, students and staff that are meaningful and relevant to their professional development and personal learning goals.
  • Diversity: We believe that the creation of new knowledge requires diverse and often conflicting perspectives that are resolved through mutually agreed upon disciplinary, professional and social norms and standards. We believe that cultural diversity contributes to a better understanding of oneself and one’s relation to others in a pluralistic, democratic society.

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