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CELTS offers a confidential, formative, mid-term student feedback service available to all GC instructors. At the invitation of an instructor, a CELTS facilitator-trained in the Group Instructional Feedback Technique (GIFT)--guides students through a 30-minute, group consensus-building process in which they address the following four questions:

1) What do you like about any aspect of this course that helps you learn the material?

2) What suggestions do you have for improving any aspect of this course that would help you learn more?

3) How could those suggestions be implemented?

4) What can students do to improve this course?

The facilitator collates and types up the data then meets with the instructor a week or so later to go over the student feedback. The instructor alone decides how or whether to respond to this feedback. The instructor alone also decides whether or not to include this feedback in his/her individual faculty report.  The facilitator will not report data on the student feedback to anybody other than the instructor.

This mid-term course feedback is useful for instructors in many situations, but especially for those teaching a new course. GIFT, however, cannot be used in classes of 40 or more students. Instructors teaching such classes are encouraged to explore other instruments such as Student Assessment of their Learning Gains (SALG).

To schedule an assessment, complete the form below and send it to cetl@gcsu.edu. Contact Jan Clark  if you would like to train as a CELTS mid-term feedback facilitator.

Mid-Term Course Feedback Request (doc)


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