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New Faculty Orientation Program
New faculty are expected and strongly encouraged to attend the year-long program. These Friday afternoon time slots are designated by University Senate for professional development. All meetings (except the end-of-year reception) will be in Russell Auditorium 375 (IDEAS classroom).

Description: New Faculty Orientation will include formal and informal sessions.  The formal sessions will incorporate a series of workshops that focus on Wiggins & McTighe’s Understanding by Design framework (aka “backward course design). The specific outcomes of the workshops series are that the participants will

  • Develop or revise a teaching philosophy;
  • Develop at least one course unit based on the UBD framework by
    • Developing unit-level goals and objectives;
    • Creating assessment tools that demonstrate student mastery of the unit’s goals and objectives;
    • Creating engaged learning activities that align with the unit’s goals and objectives;
    • Reviewing and revising the unit’s design based on student and peer feedback.
    • Demonstrate the capacity to design a course based on UBD.

The workshop series will itself be based on a hybrid course design in which much of the content for the workshops will be provided online through a D2L site and the face-to-face sessions will allow participants to practice with the materials presented online.  Each faculty member will receive a copy of Elizabeth Barkley’s “Student Engagement Techniques,” and Angelo and Cross’s “Classroom Assessment Techniques.”

We will meet monthly according to the University Governance Calendar’s “open” times. All meetings will be held from 2-3:30 EXCEPT November 21 and February 27 when we will meet at 3:30.

September 12: Developing a philosophy of teaching statement

October 10: Understanding by Design: Creating unit goals and objectives

November 21: Understanding by Design: Assessing student learning

January 16: Understanding by Design: Designing engaged learning activities

February 27: Understanding by Design: Revising unit/course design based on student and peer feedback

March 13: Additional assessment techniques

April 17: Additional engaged learning techniques

The informal sessions will occur once a month and will involve guest speakers from the faculty and administration talking about topics that will assist new faculty members with their social and professional integration into the Georgia College community. Topics will include the mission of a public liberal arts college; work/life balance from the perspective of a newly tenured faculty member; “what I know now that I wish I’d known my first year,” from a 2nd or 3rd year faculty member; an open discussion with President Dorman; conversations with the Deans about the tenure and promotion process; and other topics as identified by the new faculty members themselves. These sessions will be held at CELTS, probably at 5 or 6 pm on a day of the week that’s most convenient for the group. 


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