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Public Channels:

GC Choral Ensembles: itpc://

GC Department of Music and Theatre: itpc://

GC Music Department Videos: itpc://

GC Music Department Student Recital Class: itpc://

1. If you do not have iTunes installed, go to and download iTunes for free. Once installed, proceed as below. If you do have iTunes already, skip to #2.

2. Directions for subscribing to a pod cast:

a) go to iTunes and make sure you have the latest version

b) in iTunes, click on Advanced and then Subscribe to Pod cast...

c) When the dialog box appears, paste in the web address for the pod cast that ends with an .xml (GC Music Department Videos: itpc:// and click OK

d) Look in the Pod casts area of iTunes (right under Library), click on it and find the selected pod cast

e) Click on the discovery triangle to reveal the available episodes and on the Get button of the episode you want to listen to if they haven't been downloaded already (grayed-out).  The Get button will disappear when the pod Cast has been downloaded.

f) Double-click on the little blue button to the left of the episode or the title of the episode you want to listen to.  The little blue button should turn into a speaker icon and the audio should be audible.

g) Check under Edit and Preferences to set your preferences for Podcasts as to checking for new episodes, downloading, and keeping episodes
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