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                        Quick Reference Guide | Building Names

bachelor's degree –
Lowercase all references to the degree. It is not capitalized. They both have bachelor's degrees. She has a bachelor of arts in history degree.

Baldwin Bulletin, The – The proper name for Baldwin County's weekly newspaper is The Baldwin Bulletin. On second reference, the Bulletin may be used. Newspaper names should be italicized.

bimonthly – Means every other month. Semimonthly means twice a month.

biweekly – means every other week. Semiweekly means twice a week.

black – Lowercase word that denotes skin color. African-American is also acceptable, although black is the preferred term. The words Negro and colored are unacceptable words to denote racial or ethnic background. See race and nationality.

Board of Regents – In the first reference, use the full formal name: Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. In subsequent references, any of the following may be used: Board of Regents, the board (note lowercase), the regents (note lowercase), Georgia Board of Regents, state Board of Regents. The acronym BOR may be used informally, but should be avoid in official publications.

boldface type – Generally, do not use boldface type for individual words or phrases within textual material. Such use is acceptable only when extreme emphasis is necessary (such as in written directions to students, particularly on forms, when the use of capitalization and italics has been exhausted). Generally, boldface type is reserved for headlines, bylines and subheadings.

book chapters, titles of – Chapter, essay and article titles within a book are capitalized and enclosed within quotation marks.

books, titles of – Capitalize and italicize titles and subtitles of books and journals. See "titles of compositions, publications, works." Note that the period belongs inside of the quotation marks.

brand names – When they are used, capitalize them. Unless the brand name is essential to meaning, use a generic term. Example: cola or soft drinks, not Coca-Cola or Coke. Capitalize brand names, but not generic names.

breakdown – breakdown (adj., n.), break down (v.); break-even (adj.); break-in (adj., n.), break in (v.); breakout (adj., n.), break out (v.); breakthrough (adj., n.), break through (v.); breakup (adj., n.), break up (v.).

building – Never abbreviate in textual material. Capitalize the proper names of buildings, including the word building if it is an integral part of the formal name. The Georgia College campus has numerous buildings. The Parks Memorial Health Sciences Building houses the student health services. (Refer to the list at the end of this booklet for proper names of buildings on the Georgia College campus.)

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                        Quick Reference Guide | Building Names

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