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Identity Standards

Our logos and trademarks serve as a strong visual identity, establishing standards for consistency and ensuring the integrity of Georgia College's graphic identity. Likewise, the words which we use to refer to our institution help to define who we are for ourselves and our constituencies. We therefore have set up institutional standards for both our visual identification and for our language about the college.

These standards apply to any individual or group acting as an official unit or representative of Georgia College publicizing the college in any way.  This particularly applies to any use of a Georgia College logo or mark for any purpose. These are registered trademarks of Georgia College & State University and may only be used with the university's consent.  The Identity Standards apply to all areas of the university, including, but not limited to, students, faculty, staff, departments, divisions, community members, businesses, nonprofit organizations, athletics, booster clubs, alumni groups, clubs and organizations, sororities and fraternities, outside printers, vendors and manufacturers. The university has the right and responsibility to monitor every use in order to protect its graphic and verbal identity (under federal trademark law and Board of Regents' policy).

If you have any questions about the Graphic Identity Program, please contact University Communications at (478) 445-4477.


Although officially and formally our name is Georgia College & State University, that name in its full nomenclature only should appear on official, legal and ceremonial university documents or materials such as diplomas, contracts, commencement regalia, etc.  Note the use of the ampersand; the word "and" is never part of the written name of the university.


Georgia College
Georgia College & State University  (legal documentation only)       


Georgia College and State University, GCSU, GC&SU, GC & SU, G.C.S.U., Ga. College, Georgia College & State, Ga. College and St. Univ.


Georgia College

GC (on merchandise and athletics apparel)



Both high-resolution (for printed materials) and low-resolution (for the web) versions of the official logo and other marks are available.  Download Logos


1. The university logo must always include the Corinthian column to the left of the words, "Georgia College."

2. The modifier, "Georgia's Public Liberal Arts University," is part of the official logo and must not be deleted nor substituted for any department name or unit.

3. The preferred logo is printed in black.  Alternatively, the logo may appear in appear in the official blue and green (Blue: PMS 287 (#003399, web); Green: PMS 626 (#006633, web)), or in white against a black, gray or official blue or green background.   

4. A version of the official logo must appear on the front of all materials (publications, websites, etc.) and in the address block if included. For larger publications, the logo must appear on the cover, title page and back cover.

5. The Graphic Identity Program applies to all visual representations of the university – printed materials, signs, video productions, exhibit materials, web pages, athletic uniforms, email and other electronic newsletters, vehicles, apparel, merchandising, promotional items, etc.

6. The symbols of the logo system cannot be modified or altered in any way, and they cannot be combined with other logos or images. In those instances where Georgia College is a co-sponsor or co-participant in a program or activity, the logos may be used jointly with logos of other sponsoring organizations with the approval of University Communications.  Logos should always be reproduced from high-resolution camera-ready copies or digital files in order to maintain a high level of quality.

7.  The logo may never have any graphic, text, photo or other image obscure or run over any portion of the logo (use as a watermark is the one exception to this rule).  The logo may never be cropped or altered.

8.  All academic, administrative, athletic and support units of the university are required to use the approved letterhead style on all stationery, envelopes and business cards.  The approved style allows for the listing of the college or department under the logo.

9. Independent logos for individual departments, offices and programs are not allowed, as they may create confusion and may conflict with the overall university brand.  The name of colleges, departments and other units may be placed under the logo as shown in the graphic identity standards.

10. The official seal of Georgia College & State University is not a part of the logo system, and it is not interchangeable with Georgia College logos. The seal should be used only by the Office of the President and on formal, official, legal and ceremonial documents or materials representing the institution, such as diplomas, proclamations or commencement and inauguration regalia.

11. Exceptions to these standards must be approved in advance by the Office of University Communications.  


Spirit logos are designed to readily identify the university and its teams and to promote the sale of merchandise to Georgia College fans.  The primary objective should be clarity, with additional benefits of promoting zeal and enthusiasm.

The primary athletic logo is the blue and green Bobcat face over the stacked words, in green (PMS 626) outlined in blue (PMS 287), Georgia College. 

Alternative versions include a horizontal "Georgia College" with the Bobcat face separating the words.

Secondary logos include a blue (PMS 287) G overlapping a green (PMS 626) C with the Bobcat face anchoring the left corner of the art.  Another secondary logo is a script word, bobcats and the same word with the bobcat face substituting for the "o" in bobcat. 

Secondary logos also include the Bobcat eye and the Bobcat paw print.

These logos are registered trademarks of Georgia College and all uses of any of these logos must be approved by University Communications.

Logos are to be used only in the form represented on the official university logo page.  Logos may not be cropped or otherwise altered.  No copy or image is to interfere with the logo in its correct form.  Logos are a form of university signature.

The use of the GC with the bobcat, the script "bobcat" and the eye and paw print are only permitted if the Georgia College connection is already clearly identified.  For instance, if the primary mark is used on a baseball shirt, the baseball cap could have the GC with bobcat. 

Logos must be used only in blue, green or black, or reversed in white on a blue PMS 287, green PMS 626, black or gray background. 

Logos may be reproduced only on white, green, blue, gray, black and "fashion pink".   The green and blue should come as close as possible to the university's official PMS colors of Green 626 and Blue 287.

No other Bobcat logos are permitted.  The word "Athletics" or "Bobcat," or the names of individual teams, may appear with the GC plus bobcat logo as shown in the identity system.  The names of officially sponsored athletic events or camps may appear with the GC Bobcat, such as Summer Basketball Camp.

For more information, contact University Communications at (478) 445-4477.


"Publications" include traditional printed materials, electronic communications (web and mass distribution HTML emails) and video. All communications to external audiences (including students) must be approved by University Communications prior to distribution. 

Print Publications 
Examples of print publications include: advertisements, announcements, annual reports (for public distribution), banners, business cards, billboards, brochures, catalogs, fact sheets, flyers, forms, envelopes, event programs, informational booklets, letterhead, magazines, newsletters, postcards, posters, promotional or recruitment materials, and reports (for public distribution).

Web Publications
Web pages that appear on the Georgia College official site ( are required to go through a review before publishing.  Web guidelines are available to assist you with getting your content published and can be found here:

Video Publications
Official video productions related to promotion, education or archiving and are designed for public broadcast on cable, satellite, webcasts, iTunes, YouTube and/or other web or on-line distribution, should use the standard Georgia College logo in its credits.



Contact Information
University Communications
Georgia College
Campus Box 97
Milledgeville, GA 31061
Phone 478-445-4477
Fax 478-445-6795

The following statement about Georgia College should be included in all publications, advertisements or other university materials. 


ABOUT GEORGIA COLLEGE: Georgia College & State University, the state's designated Public Liberal Arts University, combines the educational experience expected at esteemed private liberal arts colleges with the affordability of public higher education. Its four colleges – arts and sciences, business, education and health sciences – provide 6,600 undergraduate and graduate students with an exceptional learning environment that extends beyond the classroom, with hands-on involvement with faculty research, community service, residential learning communities, study abroad and myriad internships.

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