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                            Quick Reference Guide | Building Names
lady –
Do not use as a synonym for woman.

languages and dialects – Capitalize the proper names of languages and dialects: Cajun, Creole, German, Gullah, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Persian, Yiddish.

lecture titles – Capitalize and set off with quotations marks. See quotation marks.

legislative titles – Capitalize formal titles before the name; otherwise, lowercase. Add U.S. or state before title only if clarification is required. Do not use legislative titles before the name on subsequent references.

  • A representative is a member of the House of Representatives.
  • A senator is a member of the senate.
  • The words congressman or congresswoman can be either a representative or a senator; it should be avoided, except before the name in a direct quotation.
  • Do not abbreviate legislative titles with the exception of senator or representative, which should be abbreviated – and capitalized – before the name except in direct quotations.
  • CORRECT: U.S. Sen. John Doe, state Rep. Jane Doe
  • WRONG: Congresswoman Jane Doe, U.S. Senator John Doe

legislature, state of Georgia – Lowercase state legislature and legislature in references to the Georgia General Assembly, the formal name of the Georgia's legislative body. See Georgia General Assembly.

less – In general, fewer refers to individual items; less is used for bulk, amount of quantity.

  • CORRECT: There were fewer than 50 girls in the class. Most had come from distances of less than 15 miles. The recipe called for fewer eggs and less milk than she had purchased.
  • WRONG: The trend is toward more machines and less people. (Should be fewer people, as people in this sense refers to individuals.) She was fewer than 60 years old. (Should be less than because years refers to a sense of time, not individual years.)

-level – Hyphenate before the noun as part of a unit modifier. Do not hyphenate after the noun. He is an upper-level official. He is taking graduate-level classes. She is a management-level employee. They are both at the senior level.

liberal arts – Georgia College's style is not to hyphenate this term, even when it precedes a noun, such as university. Georgia College is Georgia's public liberal arts university.

library – The proper name for the university library is the GC Library and Information Technology Center. Note there is no ampersand. The name may be shortened to the library. The original library building is called the Ina Dillard Russell Building.

listserv – Note the spelling. A software program for setting up and maintaining discussion groups through e-mail.

live vs. reside – The preferred terminology is live. Avoid using reside. We have nearly 2,000 students living in residence halls. Bob Jones lives in Parkhurst Hall.

-ly – Do not connect adverbs ending in ly to the words they modify with a hyphen. Such adverbs can only modify the adjective following them; therefore, a hyphen is not needed.

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                            Quick Reference Guide | Building Names

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