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                            Quick Reference Guide | Building Names
newspaper names
– Italicize the names of newspapers. Capitalize and italicize the in a newspaper's name if it is part of the formal name, and include a hyphen if that is part of the name. Examples: The (Milledgeville) Union-Recorder, The Macon Telegraph, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Athens Banner-Herald.

nicknames – Use an individual's given name in first and formal references, unless the nickname is the way the person prefers to be known. When a nickname is inserted into the identification of an individual, set it off with quotation marks. Jimmy Carter, Sonny Perdue, Paul "Bear" Bryant.

noon – The proper term is noon. Never use 12 noon; it is redundant. Using 12 p.m. should also be avoided

number is, number are – Generally, when preceded by the word a, number is plural; when preceded by the, it is singular. Although a number of students are going to the game, the number of boys is unknown. The number of undergraduate students was diminishing until a number of new transfers were enrolled.

numbers –Do not spell out dates or other serial numbers. Write them in figures or in Roman notation, as may be appropriate: Aug. 9, 1968, Chapter XII, Rule 3, 352d Infantry. But when they occur in dialogue, most dates and numbers are best spelled out: I arrived home on August ninth.

Use these general guidelines:

  • In text, spell out numbers one through nine (and the ordinals first through ninth). Use figures for 10 (10th) and above. Use No., not #. He had completed four of the 10 courses required. For the third time in his life, he seemed satisfied. Georgia College is ranked No. 1 in soccer.
  • Spell out numbers at the beginning of a sentence (except for years). Two thousand dollars more will get it. 1990 will be the completion year.
  • Spell out casual expressions. "Thanks a million," he said to his father, an executive with the 20th Century-Fox Corp.
  • Always use figures for ages, chapter numbers, course numbers, dates, dimensions, distances, formulas, page numbers, room numbers, sizes, speeds, suite numbers, temperatures (except zero) and years.
  • Do not use st, nd, rd or th with numbers.
  • With fractions, spell out amounts less than one. Use hyphens between the words. Use figures for precise amounts larger than one, converting to decimals whenever possible. Examples: two-thirds, three-fifths, 4.75, 2 1/3, 4 5/16.
  • When a large number must be spelled out, do not punctuate between separate words that are part of one number, except for words ending in y; do not add and to the number. Use figures with the words million and billion, but do not go beyond two decimals. Two thousand two hundred seventy-six students are enrolled at the school. Greater Los Angeles has a population of about 12.5 million.
  • Use a comma on any number that is four digits or larger.  4,000 is correct. 4000 is incorrect.
  • With percentages, always use figures and decimals. In textual material, always spell out percent; do not use the symbol %Less than 3 percent of the group understood the answer.

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                            Quick Reference Guide | Building Names

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