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                            Quick Reference Guide | Building Names
numbers – Use figures and capitalize page when used with a figure. The answer is on Page 6. Continued on Page 14.  The chart is on the sixth page.

papers, titles of – Titles of papers presented at conferences and meetings or appearing in journals are set in caps and lowercase and set off by quotation marks. Do not italicize.  

part time, part-time – Hyphenate when used as a compound modifier. She works part time. She has a part-time job.

PawPrints Bookstore – The formal name for the university's on-campus bookstore is PawPrints Bookstore. Note the spelling. On second reference, use the bookstore.

people – Use person when speaking of an individual: One person waited for the bus.

  • The word people is preferred to persons in all plural uses. Thousands of people attended the fair. There were 17 people in the room.
  • People also is a collective noun that takes a plural verb when used to refer to a single race or nation: The people of Europe long for an end to the Cold War.

percent, percentages – Spell out percent. Do not use the symbol % unless it is in a chart. See numbers.  

periodicals and publications: Italicize the titles of newspapers, books, newsletters, journals, magazines and similar periodical publications. Capitalize and italicize such words as “the,” “magazine” and “journal” only if part of the formal name. Titles of articles, poems, etc. are to be set off by quotation marks. 

personally – Often unnecessary.

Ph.D., Ph.D.s – Use periods; do not use an apostrophe when forming the plural. In text, use the word doctorate instead of Ph.D. Example: He holds a doctorate in business administration.

phonathon – Note the spelling. Lowercase this term for a telephone solicitation event. Capitalize it only if the word is part of a formal name for a particular event. Examples: She was asked to join the alumni phonathon. She was pleased to be a member of the 2005 Georgia College Phonathon Team.

plurals of figures and letters – Add s. Do not use an apostrophe except with the lowercase single letters or if a word would be formed through its omission. He was born in the 1920s and died in the 50s. Two GIs left. She knows her ABCs. He received three Ds on his report card. The VIPs arrived. There were six size 4s.

Postal Service abbreviations – See state names.

practica, practicumsPracticums, not practica, is the preferred usage for the plural of practicum.

pre- – Do not hyphenate words formed with this prefix, except words formed with proper nouns: preadolescent, prearrange, precalculus, precollege, preeminent, pre-Christian.

presently, currentlyPresently presents a problem. It means both now and soon, within a short time. Therefore, to be clear, you should use currently for now, and presently to mean soon, or within a short time.

president – Capitalize only when used before the name; lowercase when standing alone or when used following the name. The titles for the leader of the country or of the university are no exception: President John Q. Doe; Jane Doe, president of the university; President George Washington; George Washington, president of the United States; the president.

preventive, preventative – Preventative is not a word.

principal – Capitalize only before the name; lowercase when it stands alone or when it follows a name.

professor – Capitalize only before the name; lowercase when it stands alone.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z
                            Quick Reference Guide | Building Names

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