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                            Quick Reference Guide | Building Names
race and nationality
– Capitalize the formal names of the major racial groups, three of which are Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid. Lowercase generic references to people distinguished by skin color, such as black, white, red, mulatto, etc., both in noun and adjective usage. Capitalize the proper names of nationalities, of peoples identified with a particular region or tribes, etc.: Arab, African-American, Caucasian, Cherokee, Jew, Nordic, Asian. Refer to race only if it is important, such as in a brochure encouraging minority enrollment.

radio stations – The call letters alone are frequently adequate. If the station is widely known by another name, it can be used in all references. WMAC-AM, NewsTalk 750, Country 102

ranges in dates, money, time – When citing such ranges, make each item complete if there is any possibility of ambiguity. When using the word from in expressing ranges, also be certain to use to or through.

  • CORRECT: The semester runs from August 18 through December 6. The budget will increase from $2 million to $5 million (not from $2 to $5 million). The workshop will be 6-8 p.m.
  • WRONG: The play runs from April 29-May 2. (Should be from April 29 to May 2 or April 29-May 2.) Tickets are available March 30 through April 3. (Should be from March 30 through April 3 or March 30-April 3.)
ratios – Use figures (do not spell out numbers). Use a hyphen when the figures precede the word ratio (or a word such as majority that implies a ratio). Insert the word to when the figures follow the word ratio. She won the election with a 3-1 majority. The student-faculty ratio is 17-to-1.

re- – Generally this prefix takes no hyphen, except in the following circumstances:

  • Use a hyphen if the word that follows begins with an e: re-elect, re-emerge, re-enter, re-establish.
  • For many words, the sense is the governing factor: recover (regain) versus re-cover (to cover again), resign (quit) versus re-sign (to sign again).
regent(s) – The name Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia must be used on first reference. It may be shortened to Board of Regents, state Board of Regents or Georgia Board of Regents in second and subsequent references. Lowercase regents when referring to more than one individual regent. In informal and subsequent references to the governing body, use the board, not the regents. The acronym BOR may be used informally, but it should be avoided in official publications. Capitalize the title regent before the name; lowercase after the name and when it stands alone. Regent John Doe; Jane Doe, regent of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia; the regent.

regions – Lowercase east, west, north, and south when they indicate compass direction. Capitalize when they designate regions.

  • COMPASS DIRECTIONS: The lake is north of town. The parade will move east on Hancock St.
  • REGIONS: He loved living in the South. Settlers from the East traveled west in search of new lives.
  • WITH NAMES OF NATIONS: Lowercase unless they are part of the formal name: eastern France, the western United States. But Northern Ireland, South Vietnam.
  • WITH STATES AND CITIES: The preferred form is to lowercase when they describe a section of a state or city: central Georgia, south Atlanta, western Texas. But capitalize if part of a proper name: North Carolina, West Virginia.
religious titles – The first reference to a clergyman or clergywoman normally should include a capitalized title before the individual's name. Lowercase when the titles stand alone or are used after a name.
  • In many cases, the Rev. is the designation that applies before a name on first reference for ministers and priests. On second reference, use only a last name: the Rev. Billy Graham on first reference, Graham on second reference. Substitute Monsignor for a Roman Catholic priest who has received this honor. Do not use father, pastor or similar words before an individual's name.
  • Spell out Cardinal, Archbishop, Bishop, Rabbi, Sister, and Mother on first reference before a name. Lowercase if it follows a name.
representative – Capitalize and abbreviate before the name; lowercase after the name and when it stands alone. Rep. John Doe; the representative.

reside vs. live – The preferred terminology is live. Avoid using reside. We have nearly 2,000 students living in residence halls. Bob Jones lives in Parkhurst Hall.

river(s) – Capitalize when it is part of the formal name of a river. Lowercase in references to more than one river: the Oconee River, the Flint and Oconee rivers.

road(s) – Capitalize when its part of the formal name of a road. Lowercase in references to more than one road: Log Cabin Road, Piedmont and Darlington roads.

room numbers, names – Use figures and capitalize room when it is used with a figure. The preferred format for room numbers is to use the number, followed by the building name. Do not use the word room or suite with a room number when the building name is given. Capitalize if it is part of a formal name.

  • RIGHT: 202 Atkinson Hall. His office is in 206 Parks Hall. President's Conference Room.
  • WRONG: The meeting is in Atkinson Hall, Room 202. University Banquet room.
round numbers – Only approximate numbers should be modified with such words as approximately, around, about, some, -odd, etc. Such exact numbers as 427, 8, 432, 1,078 and 1,234,566 do not constitute approximate figures. About 50 students were expected to attend, but 36 actually enrolled. Some 40-odd boys joined the group, and about 600 girls joined. Last year, 42 boys and 634 girls joined.

R.S.V.P. – The abbreviation for the French phrase repondez s'il vous plait means "please reply." Please R.S.V.P. is redundant.  Note the periods. It is an abbreviation, not an acronym.

rush, rushee – Lowercase the generic terms for the selection process, parties and candidates for college social and Greek organizations.

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                            Quick Reference Guide | Building Names

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