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Introduction to University Style Book

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Because consistency and continuity in publications and other produced materials are extremely important in the overall marketing efforts for Georgia College, the Office of University Communications has developed the GC Stylebook to assist you in preparing communications directed at the public. The stylebook should be used in conjunction with the Visual Identity Manual, which sets rules and regulations for use of the university's logos and establishes rules for publications, including the web.

Editorial style has to do with a set of judgments about what is grammatically correct – the consistency in punctuation, capitalization and acceptable usage. It should answer the types of questions you have as you start writing for your publication. Is university capitalized when referring to Georgia College? How are academic degrees abbreviated? Is fall semester capitalized?

You may ask, "Why does the university need to adopt a style?" Because of background diversity, each individual's experiences vary. The rules of capitalization recognized by one person may be unfamiliar to another. One person was taught to put a semicolon there, while another was taught to use a period.

To bring consistency to publications requires a set of rules. GC's style is based primarily on AP style; that is, we follow the rules of the Associated Press Stylebook. This guide, however, does contain some exceptions to AP style, and in those cases, this guide takes precedent.

The goal of the GC Stylebook is not to censor; instead, University Communications hopes to create a consistent, professional look for the university's publications. Unfortunately, this guide is a very brief look at style as it relates to Georgia College. If your style question is not covered in this publication, please refer to the Associated Press Stylebook or Webster's New World College Dictionary.

We hope this publication has helped enlighten you about the need for a consistent style. Because there is no way to anticipate all your questions, you may also contact the University Communications staff anytime at (478)445-4477 for further guidance.
Thank you for your support as we work together to communicate the great stories about Georgia College.



 The GC Stylebook applies to:
Web sites


 The GC Stylebook DOES NOT apply to:
Scholarly research
Journal articles
Faculty-written books
Faculty-written articles
Student assignments

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Quick Reference Guide | Building Names

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