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Conflict Resolution

Site Survey

Please indicate the category which best describes your position at the University: Staff Faculty Administrator

1. How would you rate the quality of your relationships with the persons named below with whom you interact in the workplace?

Students: Excellent Good Fair Poor
Faculty: Excellent Good Fair Poor
Staff: Excellent Good Fair Poor
Supervisor(s): Excellent Good Fair Poor
Community Member(s): Excellent Good Fair Poor

2. What types of conflicts with faculty, staff, administrators, students and/or community members have you experienced in your work at GC?
Check all that apply.

a. Disputes over policies and/or procedures
b. Complaints of discrimination
c. Complaints of harassment:

Age Disability Gender
Nationality Race Religion
Sexual Orientation Other

d. Interpersonal conflicts
e. Work place hostility
f. I have not experienced any conflicts.


3. Are you familiar with mediation (objective third party review) as a possible venue for resolving conflicts at GC?

Yes No Don't know

4. Are informal procedures used within your area to resolve conflicts among your colleagues?

Yes No Don't know

5. If you answered yes to question no. 4, how would you rate the procedures described above in terms of their effectiveness in resolving conflicts which arise?

Excellent Good Fair Poor Don't know

6. If you have experienced conflicts at work, are they usually settled in a way that is acceptable to you?

Yes No

7. Have you experienced any conflicts with students, co-workers at any level, or specific offices/departments which remain unaddressed or unresolved?

Yes No

8. If you answered YES to question no. 7, indicate which of the following procedures you have used or are using to resolve the conflict. Check all that apply.
a) Informal grievance procedures for classified employees or faculty.
b) Formal grievance procedures for classified employees or faculty.
c) Student appeals and hearing procedures.
d) Meetings.
e) No action taken to resolve conflict.
f) Other

If you indicated items (a), (b), (c), (d), or (f), above, how would you rate the effectiveness of such procedure(s) in resolving the complaint?

Excellent Good Fair Poor

9. If you have experienced a conflict that has been resolved within the last 12 months, check the number of campus offices with whom you discussed the conflict prior to its resolution.

Example: If the conflict was resolved within your own office or department, click "one"; if it was necessary to discuss the conflict with one other office or department in order to resolve it, click "two"; etc.

Three or more
Does not apply

10. How would you rate the effectiveness of conflict resolution procedures currently in place at GC in terms of the following:

-Encouraging employees to report conflicts.

Excellent Good Fair Poor Don't know

-Resolving conflicts at an early stage.

Excellent Good Fair Poor Don't know

-Resolving conflicts at the lowest appropriate supervisory level.

Excellent Good Fair Poor Don't know

-Resolving conflicts in a cost-effective manner.

Excellent Good Fair Poor Don't know

-Overall effectiveness in resolving conflicts

Excellent Good Fair Poor Don't know

Demographic Information

Male Female
Sexual Orientation:
Heterosexual Gay/Lesbian Bisexual
American Indian or Alaskan Native
Asian or Pacific Islander
How many years have you been employed at GC:
1-5 years
6-10 years
More than 10 years
Not currently employed by GCSU



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