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Career Counseling


Career counselors do not provide academic advising, but rather guide students through an information-gathering process about self and the world of work to determine which academic programs or careers might be a good match for them. For example, counselors can assist students with clarifying values, examining interests, identifying skills, resolving chronic indecision, developing insight into personality type, and communicating with parents about career decisions. The career counseling process begins with a confidential, one-on-one appointment with a counselor, and culminates in the identification of a career goal and the selection of an academic program to support that goal. You and your counselor will decide together if career testing would be helpful for you during this process.

Career counseling and testing are free of charge to any enrolled student. Alumni are eligible for career counseling during off-peak times of the year for a nominal fee to cover testing supplies. Anyone interested in career counseling should call Counseling Services at 478-445-5331 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. to schedule an appointment.

Career counseling services offered through Counseling Services complement the services offered by the Career Center. For many students, meeting with a career counselor is the first step in the career development process. Once your academic program and career goals have been selected, you should work with the Career Center to begin putting your career plan into action through career development activities and career exploration.  The Career Center can assist you with job and internship search strategies, applying for graduate school, developing a resume, building interview skills, and networking with professionals in your field. The Career Center is located in Lanier and can be reached by telephone at 478-445-5384.

Career Counseling Group: Counseling Services offers career counseling/assessment groups to assist students in identifying majors and career paths that are a good fit for their interests and personalities.  Students who have completed the FOCUS-2 assessment and still have questions will benefit from this group.  The FOCUS-2 is a self-paced career guidance tool designed to help you explore your values, interests, personality, and skills as they relate to possible majors and careers.  The Focus 2 should answer many of the basic career questions, but these groups should address the students who need additional clarification. 

Each group will consist of 3 sessions: an introductory group meeting, an individual appointment to take a different set of career tests, and a group follow up with career results.  The groups will be offered on the following dates:  

Group 1

Monday, 9/15 and 9/29

2 PM

Group 2

Tuesday, 9/16 and 9/30

4:30 PM

Group 3

Wednesday, 9/24 and 10/8

4 PM

Group 4

Thursday, 10/9 and 10/23


We require students requesting career counseling to complete the entire Focus 2 before seeing us for further career exploration.  Students can schedule by calling Counseling Services at (478) 445-5331.  

Click the links below for text or audio versions of some of our career planning resources

Career Resource Handouts

Career Action Plan (doc)

Developing Career and Life Goals (doc)

Career Obstacles (doc)

Communicating with Parents about Career Issues (doc)

Managing Job Interview Anxiety (doc)


Audio Files

Career Action Plan (mp3)

Career Obstacles (mp3)

Communicating with Parents About Career Plans (mp3)


Georgia College Resources:

Academic Advising/Center for Student Success

Career Center

Study Abroad/International Education


Career Development Resources:

ASVAB Career Exploration Program

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Do What You Are

Georgia Career Information System

Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential

Myers Briggs Type Indicator/Jung Typology Inventory

Occupational Outlook Handbook

O*Net Occupational Information Network

Salary Information

Salary List

U.S. Department of Labor

What Can I do With This Major?

What Color is Your Parachute?

Work Preference Inventory

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