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Crayfishes of the Savannah River System

Cambarus (Jugicambarus) asperimanus Mitten Crayfish
Cambarus (Cambarus) bartonii bartonii Common Crayfish
Cambarus (Lacunicambarus) diogenes Devil Crawfish
Cambarus (Depressicambarus) latimanus Variable Crayfish
Cambarus (Jugicambarus) nodosus Knotty Burrowing Crayfish
Cambarus (Depressicambarus) reflexus Pine Savannah Crayfish
Cambarus (Depressicambarus) striatus Ambiguous Crayfish
Cambarus (Depressicambarus) strigosus Lean Crayfish
Distocambarus (Distocambarus) devexus Broad River Burrowing Crayfish
Procambarus (Hagenides) advena Vidalia Crayfish
Procambarus (Leconticambarus) barbatus Wandering Crayfish
Procambarus (Ortmannicus) chacei Cedar Creek Crayfish
Procambarus (Ortmannicus) epicyrtus Humpback Crayfish
Procambarus (Ortmannicus) pubescens Brushnose Crayfish
Procambarus (Hagenides) pygmaeus Christmas Tree Crayfish
Procambarus (Pennides) raneyi Disjunct Crayfish
Procambarus (Pennides) spiculifer White Tubercled Crayfish
Procambarus (Scapulicambarus) troglodytes Eastern Red Swamp Crawfish


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