Active Learning Fellows

The inaugural GC Active Learning Fellows is a year long program during 2018.  The purpose of the Fellows Program is to support faculty interested in incorporating collaborative active learning pedagogy in teaching.  The Fellow participants will:

  • Share research findings on active learning
  • Become knowledgeable about collaborative active learning classrooms at Georgia College and other universities
  • Become knowledgeable about collaborative active learning classrooms at high schools from which our Georgia College students graduated
  • Identify grant possibilities to support collaborative active learning initiatives
  • Support Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) work that explores the effectiveness of collaborative learning techniques and active learning classrooms at Georgia College
Angela Criscoe College of Arts & Sciences
Bob Orr Information Technology
Carol Sapp College of Health Sciences
Catherine Fowler College of Health Sciences
Chesley Mercado College of Health Sciences
Christina Smith College of Arts & Sciences
Debbie Grier College of Health Sciences
Debby MacMillan College of Health Sciences
Ed Stanley Information Technology
Hasitha Mahabaduge College of Arts & Sciences
Jaclyn Queen Center for Teaching and Learning
Jamie Downing College of Arts & Sciences
Jeanne Sewell Center for Teaching and Learning
Jim Schiffman College of Arts & Sciences
Joe Peters College of Education
Josie Doss College of Health Sciences
Joy Godin College of Business
Justina Jenkins College of Education
Kasey Karen College of Arts & Sciences
Liz Speelman College of Health Sciences
Maggie Discher Facilities Planning
Michael Hobbs College of Health Sciences
Peggy Elliott College of Arts & Sciences
Rachel Epstein College of Arts & Sciences
Renee Fontenot College of Business
Ronald O'Koth College of Arts & Sciences
Sandy Gangstead College of Health Sciences
Stephen Wills College of Education
Yeprem Mehraman College of Education

The Active Learning Fellows collaborate with face-to-face meetings as well as the Active Learning Fellows GeorgiaVIEW course.  The fellows meet face-to-face as a group at least twice Spring and Fall semesters during 2018.