Faculty Mentoring

The ME Network Mentoring Program and the Faculty Mentoring Program at Georgia College, co-sponsored by the Office of Inclusive Excellence and the Center for Teaching & Learning, are designed to provide under-represented faculty and staff and junior faculty with guidance and support towards building a successful career at Georgia College. The ME Network Program is a structured program sponsored by the Office of Inclusive Excellence and the affinity group Multicultural Organization that Values Empowerment (MOVE). The goals of the ME Network are to motivate, retain and professionally grow and develop under-represented faculty and staff at Georgia College so that they will be successful in tenure and promotion and work life. The program focuses on untenured faculty and staff members who have been employed at Georgia College for fewer than 3 years.

The Faculty Mentoring Program pairs junior faculty with faculty peers who will work with the junior faculty member to establish professional development goals, develop a network of support, understand departmental and institutional cultures and navigate the retention, tenure and promotion process. The program coordinators will make every effort to pair junior faculty mentees with mentors from their colleges, but in some cases mentees may be paired with mentors from another college.

The Faculty Mentoring Program and the ME Network program are structured programs: mentoring pairs are expected to commit to regular meetings, establish professional development goals for the mentee and attend scheduled mentoring events. Beyond these basic requirements, mentoring pairs are free to choose how best to use their time in supporting the junior faculty and staff members' goals and priorities.


Mentoring Resources:

Tips for Mentors

Tips for Mentees

Suggested Discussion Topics for Mentors and Mentees