Faculty Research Grants

Faculty Research Small Grant Program

The Faculty Research Small Grant Program provides seed funding up to $5,000 for faculty research projects. Funds can be used for supplies, equipment, software, or travel expenses incurred in carrying out the research. Faculty Research Grant Committee members individually read and rank research proposals using a rubric to make funding decisions. 

2016-2017 Research Grant Recipients

Fall 2017 Round 1 Recipients

Abraham Abebe. Art. Guzo=Journey: A Collection of Poems and Short Stories, $1,409.

Elissa Auerbach. Art. Spiritual Pilgrimage in Early Modern Dutch Visual Culture, $1,378.

Stephen Auerbach. History and Geography. Enlightenment, Revolution, and Rebellion in Provincial Bordeaux, 1750–1793, $1,378.

Dave Bachoon. Biological and Environmental Sciences. Molecular Detection of Bacterial Pathogens in Fecal Samples of Feral Pigs in Georgia, $2,500.

Jennifer Flaherty. English and Rhetoric. The Ophelia Agenda: Folger Shakespeare Seminar and Research in London Archives, $3,281.

Brittney Hardin and Mandy Jarriel. Health and Human Performance. Implementing Standardized Patients to Teach Cultural Competency to Athletic Training Students, $1,270.

Ashok Hegde and Ellen France. Biological and Environmental Sciences. Mechanism of Rpt6 Nuclear Translocation in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, $4,997.

Kevin Hunt and Emily Simonavice. Health and Human Performance. Exploring the Effects of Service Learning in the Kinesiology Curriculum:  An assessment of Student Self-Efficacy, Empathy, and Learning, $3,898. A Scholarship of Teaching and Learning research grant.

Nathan Lord. Biological and Environmental Sciences. Next-Generation Student Training for Next-Generation Science, $4,200.

Deborah MacMillan. Nursing. Try To See It My Way: Patient Perspective Video Capture Debriefing in Simulation, $4,394.

Hasitha Mahabaduge. Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy. Impact of Students’ Signature Work on Employability, $500. A Scholarship of Teaching and Learning research grant.

David Weese. Biological and Environmental Sciences. Revealing cryptic diversity in an endemic crayfish of Georgia (Procambarus lunzi) using molecular genetics, $4,470.

Fall 2016 Round I & Spring 2017 Round II Recipients

Dean Baker, Associate Professor of Nursing, Georgia College Campus SBIRT Project, $2,900.00.

Andrei Barkovskii, Professor of Microbiology, Biological & Environmental Sciences, Analysis of Vibrio, Shigella, and Salmonella pathogens in Georgia sites proposed for oyster aquaculture, $3,200.00.

Scott Butler, Assistant Director School of Health and Human Performance, Condom Express: A Mail-in Condom Delivery Program at College Campuses, $2,581.00.

Tsu-Ming Chiang, Professor, Psychology, Emotional Coaching for Autistic Spectrum Characteristics Children, $1,200.00.

Nicole DeClouette, Associate Professor of Special Education, Teacher Education, Cross-Cultural Diversity in Special Education (Tanzania), $1,259.96.

Peggy Elliott, Assistant Professor of French, World Languages & Cultures, Channeling Enlightenment Love: The Letters of Marie Le Prince de Beaumont (1711-80), $4,943.00.

Allen Gee, Associate Professor, English and Rhetoric, At Little Monticello: a biography of James Alan McPherson, $3,813.15

Kevin Hunt and Emily Simonavice, Assistant Professors, School of Health & Human Performance, Promoting Global Health Awareness Through Community-based Engaged Learning in San Ignacio, Belize, $4,992.69.

Monica Ketchie, Assistant Professor, Nursing, Nurses' Attitudes, Beliefs, and Barriers Toward Physiologic Birth, $3,964.50.

Hasitha Mahabaduge, Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Spectrometer System for Sputter Deposition Monitoring, $5,000.00.

Amanda Reinke, Assistant Professor, Government and Sociology, Policy-Drive Restorative Justice Implementation in Virginia, $1,201.00.

Bruce Snyder, Assistant Professor, Biological and Environmental Science, Constructing a Preliminary Phylogeny of the Native Earthworm Genus Diplocardia, $4,978.00.

Katie Stumpf, Assistant Professor of Biology, Biological & Environmental Sciences, Avian Community Analysis at Lake Laurel Research Station, $4,990.00.

Allison VandeVoort, Assistant Professor, Biological and Environmental Science, Investigating the Long-term Impacts of Agriculture on Andalusia Farm Soil: A Soil of Historical, Agricultural, and Literary Importance, $5,000.00. 

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